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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Voltes V x Giordano Officially Released!

12.12.2015 – Voltes V a Japanese anime series in the late seventies and syndicated in the Philippines has been an iconic figure. Not only in the eye of kids growing up catching with the show but also in the political history of the country.

Lately the revival of the classic is being celebrated not only by Bandai, the current toy manufacturer of its famous action figure but also retail clothing store Giordano.

The new line of shirts has been released last night by Giordano just before the holiday season. The countdown teaser is as interesting and eye catching as the face of the iconic robot himself. But there hasn’t much been a huge interest due to the height of the Star Wars week happening in the next few days.

Some might say bad timing others have commented that there’s something with that same enthusiasm the moment you see the volt machines ‘volt-in’ to form Voltes V. Either way its up to make the judgement on what you think about the shirts. But if you haven’t passed by your nearest Giordano store check out the image below:

For someone who never has that much money for a character shirt this Voltes V apparel has something going on with them. But as mentioned it’s up to you to past judgement if it’s worth the price point it deserve with a tag of PhP 999.00 pesos drop by Giordano and check them for yourself.


  1. Hi..Im from Indonesia, can I buy those tshirt?

    1. Please check with your local Giordano store. We do not sell anything in this page we deliver the news.