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Saturday, January 2, 2016

First Contact: The Last Best Star Trek Film?

01.02.2016 –This year marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek and the new film “Star Trek Beyond” is the big thing fans are hoping to see. The first teaser trailer was somewhat mixed due to its content that inspired another sci-fi film.

But for those who have seen the previous films and television series they would say this is not Star Trek. There will be debates but like a Vulcan with an open mind some would just accept it as the way things has changed since JJ Abrams rebooted the franchise back in 2009. Yes this is the current Star Trek but for those who know Abrams would recall he was more of a Star Wars fan.

When you talk about Star Trek some would be too excited not about the old films and television series, but the current one and for the longest time Trekkies would silently just accept this.

Though the truth is the true Star Trek was not about phaser pistols blazing of the Enterprise getting blown up again it’s about space exploration and more about what the franchise is all about. There would be some individuals going to start an argument or a healthy discussion what is Star Trek.

I could be wrong and probably be right, but IMHO the last true Star Trek is not the ones JJ Abrams had directed or produced. But confidently say it’s “Star Trek: First Contact” with the TNG cast, which for me delivered one of the best stories made to film. But some would argue that the last best film was “Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Country”, which features the TOS cast on their very last mission together.

You can argue with that but hear me out I like Undiscovered Country having it as one of the best Trek films second only to The Wrath of Khan. I’m just merely talking about the last best Star Trek film before everything went south.

Personally First Contact was a favorite and TNG did its best to be the torch bearer of the franchise, but failed to capitalize itself with the last two films ending with Nemesis in 2002. It could have been the best Trek film, but during that time it had competition with “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” that made it to be the TNG cast’s last film. Don’t get me wrong the film was great, but something was missing there that had mixed reactions.

Going back to the last best Star Trek film, which is First Contact it still have what the franchise was which space exploration is. It also adds interest when the element of time travelling was part of the narrative and it just clicked that was also directed by Jonathan Frakes, Number One himself aka Commander Riker.

Long time Trekkies are still holding on to Simon Pegg’s word that Beyond is the next best Trek film to see, since Paramount only showed the teaser and it was marketed horribly to have the same feel like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ let’s hope it has something more than just the action genre.

The fans are hoping the franchise gets redeemed to what Star Trek is all about, but for now First Contact will the last best Trek film until Beyond can pull it off as a gift to celebrate 50 years not taking queues to other properties that made them more appeal with the mainstream.

If you think First Contact is not your last best Star Trek film then share your thoughts in the comment section which deserving that really represent the franchise?

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