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Friday, January 1, 2016

Flash Back: "Holiday Knights" New Year!

01.01.2015 – Cheers for the New Year and 2016 is here, but for the Gothamites it’s another day at the office with the Commissioner and the Detective. If last year wasn’t in you’re cards then continue what you do to get better.

In honor of welcoming the New Year here’s Batman: The New Adventures paying tribute to start 2016 right. You know you’re still not going to beat him for the bill…

The timely classic from the episode “Holiday Knights” certainly was inspired from the comic book that Bruce Timm and Paul Dini had done in the past via “The Batman Adventures Holiday Special #1” which was an Eisner winner.

There are more stories to this special that were aired in September 1997, which was the first episode of the new series. The focus here is the intimate relationship between Batman and Commissioner Gordon.

This is why the animated classic makes it more special to know both Batman and Jim Gordon certainly has a closer relationship and it shows from this clip below:

The New Year is already here and its time for fresh beginnings and of course more comic books, toys, and movies to see, but also to revisit and appreciate. Just like these two old friends do spending it like family.

Seasons Greeting 2016!

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