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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Manga Library in Japan's Corner!

01.05.2015 – If you’re a hardcore Japanese culture enthusiast or an Otaku then you must have heard about a place that sells original second hand Manga titles.

For years the Philippines have become a fan crazed nation into Japanese anime and music. It has become an influence from the 1970s Super Robots to anime and anything from the rising sun you’ll see why Filipinos like it.

This has been evident that old Filipino-dub anime from the late 1980s through the early 2000s still being syndicated in local television. Cosplay being the fixture on every fan convention has become the norm (with the exception with Komikon of course), but for those who can speak and read the language local Otaku have long for a shop who would sell anything Japanese besides second-hand Manga titles.

And then you have “Japan’s Corner” a local store a pure bliss of Japanese nostalgia from old Manga titles, toys, and even home furnished appliance. They are not entirely brand new but it sure great looking back how the way they where and you can also own a piece of that from the past even an old gray original Playstation is for sale too.

But what would be for an Otaku to look forward to is the second-hand Japanese Manga titles organized in one corner that’s been sitting there in a well-lighted section that you never thought would exist again.

These Manga titles where quite a sight and it was popular when someone opened up a Manga shop in the early 2000s. But like any hype it never lasted though English-translated Manga became available in local comic shops and bookstores. But nothing beats an Otaku reading it in its original language and you can only find it at the Japan’s Corner where other things can be new again.

“Japan’s Corner” is located at the 2nd level of TCE Mall at the corner of Taft Avenu and Gil Puyat (formerly Buendia Avenue). For more details LIKE Japan’s Corner on Facebook!

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