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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Obi-Wan & Anakin #2: Unfamiliar World!

02.04.2016 – The dynamic between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker hasn’t been explored in comicbooks before. It was with Quigon Jinn that was featured during the younger days of Obi-Wan as the Padawan himself. But this happened before the Expanded Universe was canon that became “Star Wars Legends.”

The premise for this mini-series didn’t give anymore details as to who called upon Obi-Wan and Anakin to make the travel to Carnelion IV a planet full of mystery and dangerous natives hardly known in this part of the sector. The first issue showed that they are marooned in this planet that has warring factions of natives trying to kill each other due to their mysterious beliefs.

While the mission is to find out who sent the distress beacon for two Jedis sent to this planet this also explores the relationship between master and padawan in the days before the destruction of the Old Republic. The narrative written by Charles Soule with art provided by Marco Chechetto gives you a different look of the characters in their Manga-style artwork not too-cartoonish but definitely stands out.

The back story for the follow-up leads to the natives from the warring factions of ‘Open’ and ‘Close’ where their technology is relied upon the airships. This features the appearance of Mother Pran and Kolara from the faction of ‘Open’ and Gecker from the ‘Close’ faction.

Chechetto’s impressive action scenes like it jumps right at you like you’re watching an ‘anime-style’ Star Wars series filled with details in a snowy backdrop. Obi-Wan is seemingly the ‘Batman’ in this story while Anakin as the rebellious ‘Robin’ particularly with a Jason Todd attitude if it would to describe the characters in their prime prior to Order 66 and it was quite noting their beginnings.

Besides the two warring natives they’re going to face a lot of alien creatures not known to the Jedi Knights as they try to find out who sent the message for them to make the trip to this planet. But first they have to work together with the two factions in getting away to the creatures seeing them as their dinner.

In-between all this happening the story delves also into the flash back during Anakin’s early training days at the same time meeting Chancellor Palpatine, which expands to how he lured the young Padawan to become Darth Vader.

Overall the visual art adds substance to the second part of the mini-series and explores the dynamic between master and padawan. This also explores how the Jedi Knights deal with alien natives not known to them. Star Wars continues to flesh out more stories prior to Revenge of the Sith and gives the readers an idea how they came to be that history has known them.

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