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Friday, March 18, 2016

International Iron Man #1: A Stark Innovation!

03.18.2016 – Iron Man has become one of Marvel’s flagship titles since the movie jumpstarted their cinematic universe. For some its hardly possible to accept that the character is now synonymous with Robert Downey Jr, the actor who brought Tony Stark to life that’s being relevant now that “Captain America: Civil War” is just around the corner that everyone is so excited about.

The comicbook however continue to expand the character’s narrative from the mind of Brian Michael Bendis with the impressive art by Alex Maleev. It’s rarely everyone would appreciate seeing Iron Man having more titles than one. This time its “International Iron Man” delving into the characters roots and the truth on who raised him has been one of the questions that was revealed during his time as a member of Guardians of the Galaxy.

For most of this issue is a major flashback to his college days in London and rarely you’ll ever see a comicbook full of dialogue these days as compared to more action. It gives everyone the chance to look at a younger Tony Stark and how that personality hasn’t change when he was still hitting the books.

It’s interesting to know how Marvel modernized the character’s origin from being a comicbook that introduced the character in the early 1960s. You’ll never see Tony Stark the way everyone has known him from the day he created that armor. This added revelation of the character may look like a scene from some teen flick, but it sure gives you an idea that even before he was billionaire Tony is the same womanizing readers have used to know.

There’s not much action in this one but it does involve HYDRA from his past and meeting the mysterious Cassandra Gillespie. The present time doesn’t give enough details on who is this woman in Tony Stark’s life, but the past has come to haunt the armored avenger that he has to travel the world to find out who are his real parents. It seems that being orphan is now a trend in comicbooks nowadays.

But overall the idea in finding out what Tony Stark would do next is something for the readers to take a deep breath and plunge into the next adventure. Sometimes back stories make the character even more compelling and Bendis has given everyone enough reason why “International Iron Man” an interesting read.

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