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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Supergirl Teases New Hero on "Worlds Finest!"

03.29.2016 – In a few hours the next episode for “Supergirl” will be shown in selected television stations across the world. If you have enough of “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” this might be your cleanser.

As Cat Grant have witnessed there’s a new hero in National City, and she’s ready to name this but does not agree naming him “The Flash!”

Everyone is set to witness the greatest BFF crossover on American television. The Flash finally making it to National City has been forthcoming. Before you get yourself all ready munch your way to the show here are some things you should know about connection with both shows.

Mixed Up Chronology

Barry is getting faster than he ever imagined that he end up in Nation City as explained by the producers of the show it interconnects its 17th episode with Supergirl’s 18th episode, which will be aired the day after this show.

The Flash Foreseen National City

It was already revealed that Supergirl exists in an alternate Earth teased in The Flash episode “Welcome to Earth-2”, but originally it not was planned until the producers have found a way to make it happen during the later part of Supergirl’s first season.

Possible Crossover on The CW

During the advance screening to selected writers including IGN where the producers spoke about the show and the future they might do the crossover again a possibility that Kara Danvers might make it to Barry Allen’s Earth-1. So get ready for the show that everyone is looking forward to see and never blink when it gets aired to your cable television or live streaming “Worlds Finest” almost here because its really happening!

“Supergirl” airs in the Philippines same day in the US on ETC channel at 3 PM and primtitme replay at 8 PM and it also broadcast The Flash the following day. For more about both of the shows LIKE ETC on Facebook!

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