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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Meal Australia Spotlight: Smurfs 2!

12.31.2013– A few months back after the popularity of the minions followed The Smurfs 2 promotion, which where available in variations in some markets. When it was released in Australia there were only minor differences from the Asian release.

The Happy Meal Smurfs 2 released in Australia produced four additional character variations and here are those three that was never available in Asia. Plus the difference between the Smurfette in the US as well as the one sold in Asia…

There was this version of Smurfette that was available in the US but its slight different from the one released in Australia. The other figurines that were released for Happy Australia are Follow Me Vanity, Hackus Penlight, and Smurfermation Vexy.

Among the four not on spotlight is the Smurfermation Vexy as the actual toy is no longer available. The three feratured here are Smurfette’s Light Wand, Follow Me Vanity and Hackus Penlight which is possibly not available also in other regions.


Smurfette now holds the wand that Clumsy Smurf has used in the first film. This version first appeared in the US as a static figurine with no other gimmick. But when it was released in Australia it has a light up feature.

This version minus the light up gimmick has been appearing in the promotional images in the Philippines as THE Smurfette that you’ll be getting as your Happy Meal which stirred a minor controversy a few months back.

It must be a marketing error on the part of McDonald’s Philippines to use the image of a different Smurfette. This one surely would make those, who tried to collect all eight in the Philippines wanting this version.


These two are not available in the US or Asian region and they are quite unique. Follow Me Vanity is a wind up where he rolls while staring in the mirror. Hackus Penlight on the other hand has a flashlight that emits red light.

The Smurfermation Vexy in the images in the promo that was released in Australia appears to have a light up gimmick emitting blue light to show that her skin tone is changing becoming a part of the Smurf community as revealed in the sequel.


You can never have enough Smurfs and there have been countless variation to compete with the ever popular minions. But Smurfs popularity is with the older generation who have seen the classic cartoons or read the comics by Peyo.

Overall having these added to your growing Happy Meal featuring Smurfs 2 won’t be that complete as the ones released in the US is entirely different.

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