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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Movie Review | Captain America: Civil War

04.27.2016 – “Captain America: Civil War” is finally here and the much awaited opener for Marvel’s Phase Three did not disappoint, but re-affirms for most movie viewers that they can still bring something new to the table after 12 films.

Marvel truly is putting quality where their mouth is and continues to be the game changer when it comes to super hero films. If you think “Winter Soldier” was impressive this one takes a notch higher with all that gravitas.

The credit definitely goes to Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely who had a daunting challenge putting the narrative together. They are the same duo who wrote the screenplay for Winter Soldier, and their next big thing will be “Infinity War.”

But you got to also give credit to the actors’ portrayal of each beloved Marvel character. This is definitely a team effort from the actors down to the production and those who are greatly involved in making the film. Impressive performance by Chadwick Boseman introduced as the Black Panther and the scene stealer in Spider-Man portrayed by Tom Holland.

The visuals are great and the action scenes are a top notch where everything completes the film to gain such positive acclaim. But at the heart of this “Civil War” is the story in its very core that holds this third Captain America film highly anticipated. Comparing it to the recent super hero films this by far was the best to see in this year let alone “Doctor Strange” is just lingering in the shadows before its his turn to make an impression.

“Civil War” might not top its previous film, but it delicately balances the mini-story arcs of each character and wrapping it up into one big beat down action. This is the most Marvel film that had the most characters following Age of Ultron. You can say it that this is Avengers 2.0, but within these conflicts dividing the team is that Captain America story that focuses on the friendship between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes at the same time the darkest side of Tony Stark is also defined.

If there’s something to be said about the little things in-between “Civil War” is the humor and little nods of what the characters are known for. Of course there are significant changes that make this stand out. But most of the film goers who knew Aunt May in the comicboks, animation and the previous films would have to take a deep breathe as the portrayal of this character has most of the guys trying to cope Marisa Tomei’s version as something that’s turning some heads let alone if Uncle Ben is turning in his grave by now. Not to spoil much of the entirety of the film but scenes with Robert Downey Jr. and Marisa Tomei is like a mini-reunion to “Only You.” a 1994’s romantic comedy film that was quite awkward at the same time nostalgia.

Overall what else can you say about “Captain America: Civil War?” It is another Marvel film that keeps pushing the envelope when it comes to storytelling, which gives every fan and viewer to continue investing in these characters. The thirteenth Marvel film is definitely one of the great ones to see this year and you think they have told their story they’re not done yet and if you haven’t seen it you better do.

“Captain America: Civil War” is now playing in Philippine cinemas also in 3D and IMAX distributed locally by Columbia Pictures!


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