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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Star Wars | Poe Dameron: Black Squadron!

04.27.2016 – Poe Dameron is considered the greatest pilot the Resistance has ever had and only a few stories prior to the “Force Awakens” have been told about the character. Finally Marvel publishes his first solo series and takes a closer look at the characters that where seen in the films.

If you haven’t read the origin of Poe Dameron’s parents it was in the “Shattered Empire” mini-series, but there’s not much of a back story to know more about Poe himself not until Episode VII was shown in cinemas to find out how important the character was to the narrative that made Star Wars the hottest movie franchise.

In “Poe Dameron #1” it is revealed that General Leia Organa has ordered the best pilot in the Resistance in a secret mission. It’s in the same theme that C-3PO has gone about regarding the origin of his red arm. For Poe, the special mission he’s been given is to search for Luke Skywalker and it also expands the introduction of the “Black Squadron” a handpicked unit of X-Wing Fighters that where in action shown in the film. But this also explores each pilot’s personalities as expanded and how they make up to be known as this exceptional heroes who where part of the Resistance.

Charles Soule writes the stories sharing Poe’s relationship and interaction with the characters that where seen in “Force Awakens” with art provided by Phil Noto and that impressive painted cover.

The conversations with General Organa after finding out that Supreme Leader Snoke and the First Order are hunting for the last Jedi. In this issue also reveal his relationship to BB-8. The search for Luke Skywalker begins here and with the last man to find in Lor San Tekka another mystery character in the film that you’ll find interesting in this issue. But entirely its clear how great Poe Dameron’s potential as a character was almost cut short in that crash to the deserts of Jakku.

It is further given an expansion also to finding Lor San Tekka, which would lead him to the search for Luke Skywalker. The characteristic portrayal of Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron in the comicbook was carried out nicely when he encounters an alien race who knows the whereabouts of Lor San Tekka AKA “The Explorer.” Of course things doesn’t look well when the First Order finds out that Poe and the rest of the Black Squadron are looking for “The Explorer” which gives some intense scenes that you have to wait for the second issue to find out.

Beside the main story featuring Poe Dameron, the back up comic strip “Sabbotage” featuring BB-8 as the cupid in a scene between a nameless engineer and x-wing pilot by Chris Eliopoulos is a welcome change to the serious tone. Though this one is not connected to any Star Wars comicbook or film it’s more for the light-hearted Star Wars fan to get all the feels of romance between two people in a humorous way courtesy of everyone’s favorite astromech droid.

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