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Friday, April 22, 2016

Prince and the Batman Connection!

04.22.2016 – Pop icon Prince, real name Prince Rogers Nelson passed away earlier today. The world mourns another music legend and this adds to another high profile personality since David Bowie early this January.

The ‘Purple Rain’ star was known as a talented singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and actor. For those who have followed his works he was also behind the 1989 Batman Soundtrack.

Prince’s connection to the world of Batman has been unknown for most of his popular songs that made him an iconic artist. This is due to the contract he signed with Warner Bros. prohibiting him use the songs in the soundtrack for his live performance. But it is considered his eleventh studio album that was painstakingly produced for six weeks that became a hit and has stayed No. 1 in the Billboard album chart selling eleven million copies worldwide.

His contribution to the comicbook popular culture is unforgettable with the tracks in the Batman album who would not forget the song “Partyman” where Jack Nicholson’s Joker and his gang played the music while they vandalized a museum on their way to meet Vicki Vale before all hell broke loose.

“Partyman” also had a music video which was also performed by Prince dressed in purple, where half his face in Joker make-up would seriously pass up as the Clown Prince of Crime himself. Its one of the notable songs in the Batman soundtrack that sticks out the other is “Trust” where the Joker was on parade giving away money. You can say Batman was the party pooper in this parade so who do you trust?

It was the one album Prince has tie-up with Warner Bros. property from DC Comics that made the Batman soundtrack must have and with his passing it will be something fans would be looking for to reminisce the greatness of this icon.

But the Batman connection with Prince won’t end there as DC Comics would eventually parody some of the iconic movie posters into variant covers which were published back in 2015.The Batgirl #40 issue cover takes inspiration from Prince’s iconic ‘Purple Rain’ movie poster where it was his first film in a lead role.

There’s was also another parodied cover from ‘Purple Rain’ and this was published in 2010 in the sixth issue of Batman & Robin. Though not exactly as the one that Batgirl directly copies the poster this one was more like directly inspired from it.

Prince’s legacy would never be forgotten having changed the way music being heard and turned into an art form is something future generations should appreciate. The ‘Partyman’ may be gone but surely earned everyone’s ‘Trust.’

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