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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Star Wars | C-3PO: The Phantom Limb!

04.16.2016 – “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is coming out for the home release and if you’ve seen the film several times you’ve been wondering about C-3PO’s red arm. It’s been almost five months since the film was shown and there’s nothing about this droid‘s limb replacement.

There there’s a back story behind it as previously teased but it wasn’t specified if it’s going to be told in the next film or even in a novelized version. But give LucasFilms the effort that its all planned out that it would be told in the one-shot Star Wars comicbook special that features C-3PO, and his one-time exploits in the galaxy far away and not only that you see something you’ve never see in the character before.

This comicbook is a tie-up to the film itself and reveals where C-3PO has been and where he got that red arm, which for some fans has been wondering for the whole time. Besides the back story behind it you get to view the character’s struggles and how he manage to survive in this one-shot story written by James Robinson and with art done by the talented Tony Harris, which makes this an issue you should not miss.

Flipping through the pages the adventure begins as C-3PO survives the crash as one of the few non-humans. For most of the narrative its getting to point A to B and in-between is how Robinson writes the characters personal struggle that makes up to the journey in getting to know C3PO, the once annoying droid who lives out his adventures and if you’ve grown up watching the films you won’t get Anthony Daniels to stop voicing him in your head. It makes perfect sense to hear an android whine his way though and survive the harshest planet where he ended up with.

Of course it could have been a grand adventure if R2-D2 was in it, but sadly everyone knows that the famous Astromech Droid was shut down the start of the film. So you get to see the side of C-3PO in his truest form the way he was portrayed in the films and Tony Harris has done a great job doing the art chores for this one-shot special.

The revelation and its story behind C-3PO’s red arm has been told in this issue, which took a long time happening off screen even before Force Awakens premiered in the big screen LucasFilms all figure out how to tell a good story and like Marvel with its cinematic universe you say the same way with Star Wars “its all connected.”

What’s compelling and interesting at the same time is the characterization of C-3PO and the other droids that was featured in this issue showing a little human side. C-3PO has evolved over the years built from junk parts by Anakin to the whiney droid people want to chuck in the bin this one-shot adventure is sure would give you an idea what lies ahead what this droid’s original mission and it builds up to Force Awakens like a connective tissue growing organically the way it should be.

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