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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dream Tomica: NERV Official Business Coupe

05.11.2016 – Dream Tomica continues to expand Takara Tomy’s Tomica sub line based from licensed pop culture properties. The subline launched in 2012 with a set of vehicles ranging from the batmobile to including a Pikachu car.

In 2015 they have launched another wave of cars, which includes a vehicle version of Godzilla, Mothra which also include Lupin the 3rd and even have some more Pokemons. But there realistic cars too like from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

There have been several properties that where adapted and turned into vehicles, where some never existed. But those licensed properties are hardly noticed case in point with the NERV Official Business Coupe.

This car is based on a real life Mazda Cosmo Sport introduced in 1967, the very first to bare the name unveiled in 1964 at the Tokyo Motor Show. Mazda chose the name ‘cosmo’, reflecting international cultural fascination with the Space Race, as Mazda wanted to showcase the rotary engine as forward-thinking, with a focus on future developments and technology.

In the "Rebuild of Evangelion" theatrical film series based on the Neon Genesis Evangelion animated TV series the NERV Official Business Coupe was introduced as one of the minor vehicles, which was adapted and became one of the cars to be included in the 2015 wave of diecast cars for Dream Tomica

NERV Official Business Coupe

"Rebuild of Evangelion" known also as "Evangelion: New Theatrical Edition" a reboot of the original series “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” but the car in the spotlight doesn’t have a bigger role compared to the giant robots and its pilots.

But it’s noticing how a minor vehicle could become as interesting as a Mazda Cosmo Sport being a “NERV Official Business Coupe.” This version comes in creamy white a red racing stripe. Both sides of the car door have tamp-printed NERV logos that also show the year “1971.” It doesn’t say any the significance of the year shown under the NERV logo because the original Cosmo Sport was sold until 1972.

There’s also a tampo printed Cosmo signature logo in silver over the brilliant red-stripe on the hood near the Mazda insignia. The quality of Tomica cars also elevates its collectability being attentive to detail, which shows the bumpers are bare diecast metal. They are not vacuum metallized plastic with the headlights and tail lights are painted in detail with utmost quality.

Classic Coupe for Real

Besides the exterior details being intricate and well done the only thing you’ll notice is the plastic hubcaps. They’re not the same ones you see in the box art or even in the "Rebuild of Evangelion" films. Rarely Tomica would put details on cars like this, but it’s the most generic part that never got a good look to appear realistic.

But the best part is both doors open and close, which also reveal the black interiors of the car that also shows the steering wheel. The exterior of the Mazda Cosmo Sport down to the intricate lines based from the real car are molded into the metal. This also includes the bottom of the car also in diecast, which is rare to other brands cutting on quality that is rare for a brand like Tomica. Not forget its working suspensions show how Takara Tomy still carry that trademark from their standard line.

Overall the NERV Official Business Coupe did not play a major role in the films, but for anyone into classic car this is a stand out which is rare to see in other competing brands nowadays. It adds premium also that its part of the Evangelion theme, which makes it extra special for those who followed the franchise an addition to the growing collection based on the now classic series fans continue to appreciate up to now.

“NERV Official Business Coupe” is manufactured by Takara Tomy under the Dream Tomica line and was retailed at PhP 349.75 pesos ($ 7.65 US) in the Philippines distributed by Ban Kee Toys!

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