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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Netflix's Voltron Legendary Defender Teaser Trailer!

05.11.2016 – “Voltron: Legendary Defender” is the upcoming animated series from Netflix and it reboots the classic series that became popular with the kids of the 1980s. It’s the third series reintroducing the five lions that form this giant robot.

DreamWorks Animation is that company who will bring back one of the famous robots from the 80s pop culture a complete reboot in the new series this June 10th.

This is no relation or even continuity to the two previous series that followed that original classic, which was also adapted from an animated show in Japan known as “Beast King GoLion” so expect nothing of that when Legendary Defender gets to be released by Nextflix next month.

For the fans that grew up watching the original series, which aired from 1984-1985 forget about it not even the succeeding series Third Dimension or even the 2011 series Voltron Force. The new series is a clean slate a total reboot that adapts what made Voltron Defender of the Universe one of the iconic series in that era.

“We wanted to make it closer to what we remember the show being versus what it actually ends up being when you go back and watch it,” co-executive producer Lauren Montgomery says. “The nostalgia for the original show is what has carried it through to this point,” executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos says. “People still reference it and people still talk about ‘teaming up like Voltron.’

The producers are going to take what’s great about the American series, and filling the gaps that where delicately a beautiful mess, where it was taken from GoLion which is not consistent due to the Japanese series that they have to cut some of the more violent scenes that seemed R rated now in this era.

Voltron Legendary Defender promises to be a fresh look that would appeal to the current generation of young kids and its heading to Netflix kicking of ten 22 minute episodes after the two-part special on June 10, 2016!

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