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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Playmobil Sport & Action | Hammer Thrower

05.17.2016 - There have been different kind of themes and assortments Playmobil has produced since its introduction back in 1975. There has been rarity to some of these sets that makes its more interesting with more focus on the figures.

But for every theme some are rarely appreciated the way a competing brand have capitalized in mass producing their brand of figures that appeal more now in the mainstream. With Playmobil it’s a rare interest like the Sport & Action series.

The Sports & Action theme was released the year before the height of the 2012 Summer Olympics, which was timely to for Playmobil to produce a set of figures based on the sports that would be seen in this event.

There have been fifteen sets of figures under the “Sports & Action” theme that’s highlighting most of the sports that is in the Summer Olympic Games prior to 2012. In those fifteen sets you get Volleyball, Gymnastic, Cycling, Taekwondo, Fencing, Swimming, Weight Lifting, Tennis, Javelin Throwing, Shooting, and four more sports that was part of the series and the fifteenth is the Hammer Throwing.

Throwing Hammer

The sport is known in the track and field events and the men’s hammer throw has been present on the Olympic athletics programme since 1900, becoming the third Olympic throws event after the shot put and discus throw.

Today men and women compete for the sport and has been part of the Summer Olympic Games. The Playmobil set designated number 5200 has been one of the common sets produced where the Javelin thrower comes second.

Olympic Sport in Plastic

All the Sports & Action sets released by Playmobil are packaged in the signature blue box showing the contents of the product at the back while a fantasy image depicting the featured set in action namely the Hammer Thrower.

Just like the sport itself the figure comes with a round ball attached to a long rubber string that has a handle. The figure appears to be a child due to its youthful looks and since this is aimed at young children who are into Playmobil.

From Sport to Collectible

The Sports & Action has been discontinued and most of the remaining sets being sold by the original distributor in the Philippines are just clearing off their stock. But for those who are into Playmobil this is not entirely a goldmine though it adds variety to the ever growing figures that has started with the mix n’ match blind bagged figures.

These boxed figures are not like the blind bagged figures that you can mix its body parts because once you opened a box they are already pre-assembled. The only part you can use to mix with the other figures is the hair piece just like the German Police Officer that was given away during the Playmobil promotional tour at all Toys R’ US stores.

Playmobil Sports & Action Hammer Thrower is a delightful figure that gives the kids a little education about the sport that has been around dating back to the 15th century. Its part of the series that include 14 sports depicted as part of the Summer Olympic Games and it’s now discontinued.

“Playmobil” is currently exclusively available at Toys R' US distributed by Ban Kee Toys where you can also LIKE them on Facebook. For more about Playmobil LIKE Playmobil Philippines on Facebook!

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