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Monday, May 9, 2016

Secret Fresh | INS: Fett Boy Custom Show

05.09.2016 – Boba Fett may or may not survive the Sarlacc pit in “Return of the Jeid”, but Fett Boy has enough bounty to give the Rebellion or even the Resistance a run for their money as the “Fett Boy Custom Show” was a success on opening night.

If you haven’t been in the realm of art toy scene these are not action figures you’re looking for. The Fett Boys is a figure sculpture from the same creative team known as Imagine Nation Design Studios who have produced its previous “Boys” namely TrooperBoy, Vader Boy, and C3PBoy with Spray2D2.

This year INS adds the famous bounty hunter that almost thwarts the heroes of the Rebel Alliance. Though he’s not closely related to Boba Fett he sure is inspired from the original that got Han Solo captured in carbonite and sold to Jabba the Hut.

The collaboration with Secret Fresh introduce the latest addition to the growing art toys exclusively produced Fett Boy, which is a limited release as the same with the previous iteration of Star Wars-inspired characters. For this launch INS produced a blank head based from Fett Boy head and was given to forty artists to re-imagine their vision of what Fett Boy is all about. This is the largest gathering of artist putting their hand on their unique take on Fett Boy since Vader Boy was launched in 2014.

Bountiful Fett Boy

The bounty hunter full figure edition just like its previous releases are limited and INS also produced a customizable head version of Fett Bot. The full figure is unique compared to TrooperBoy, Vader Boy, and C3PBoy as his inspiration is Boba Fett he carries a huge rifle and wears a jacket.

Ren Aliwalas the other half of INS has revealed plans to produce a smaller scale version of Fett Boy, but it will be for an upcoming convention which will also be limited in release that’s set to be revealed sometime in September.

Fett Boy of All Kinds

Around forty visual artists have put together their rendition of their Fett Boy using the blank head. But out of those who are part of the exhibit there are a few stands out that includes Tyang Karyel’s colorful Fett Boy, PunchKick’s “What a Fez” a Fett Boy wearing a Fez similar to Math Smith’s version of Doctor Who, to the highly detailed versions of Fett Boy will surely an eye catching exhibit.

There’s plenty of Fett Boy to go around the Secret Fresh Gallery A and you won’t miss it for any Star Wars fan who appreciate the world of art toy sculpture and the greatest space opera of this generation that are looking forward to “Rogue One.”

The "Fett Boy Custom Show" exhibit will run from May 8 to 22, 2016 at the Secret Fresh Gallery A.

Fett Boy is the fourth collaboration with Imagine Nation Studios and Secret Fresh gallery. For more future events and launches LIKE Secret Fresh on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @FreshManila

Imagine Nation Studios (INS) one of the leading toy custom companies in the Philippines produced some of the well known urban lifestyle art toys both locally and internationally. For more of their future projects and past releases LIKE Imagine Nation Studios on Facebook!

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