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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Funko POP! Disney Pixar | Crush

06.11.2016 – “Finding Dory” is heading to cinemas this coming week and most of the characters from “Finding Nemo” are making a return to a new adventure featuring the forgetful Blue Tang who will be the center of the narrative.

But before you dive in and also meet Dory’s new friends here is one character that certainly stood out in “Finding Nemo”, and that is Crush the Sea Turtle first met by Marlin & Dory on the way to Australia where Nemo was taken in the original film.

Crush is a 150-year-old Sea Turtles traversing the East Australian Current or the EAC who had first encounter Marlin and Dory in search of Nemo. The young at heart turtle speaks like a laid-back surfer dude that lets him go with the flow. He is also a parent to Squirt who hangs out with the other little Sea Turtles travelling the EAC.

Marline and Dory has given nicknames by Crush as the “Jellyman” who escaped and save Dory (who was called “Little Blue”) from the horde of Jellyfishes. Crush sees Marlin as a hero who just wants his son Nemo back, where he helped duo make it to the Sydney Harbour.

Finding Funko-ed

Funko the makers of Pop Vinyl produced a line of “Funko Pop” based from the “Finding Nemo” computer animated feature film from 2003, which includes Crush and have three more characters that include Nemo, Dory, and Bruce.

This was released in 2013 ten years after the release of the film and among the characters in the “Finding Nemo” series Crush was one of the favorites that’s getting sold out evidently due to the character’s personality and portrayal in the said animated feature film. Funko did a great job with the line since there wasn’t “Finding Nemo” merchandise being produced and this is the only way to get the character.

Sea Turtle with Style

Crush, the Pop Vinyl version is slightly super deformed for ‘cuteness’ along with the “Finding Nemo” characters. But among the four Crush is not a fish while the other three is a Clown Fish, Blue Tang, and a Shark. Funko could have produced Marlin who is Nemo’s father. But Crush stood out in “Finding Nemo” and became popular in the series of Pop Vinyl figurines.

The details Funko had put on this figure was great from the spots on his forehead to the shiny shell Crush had this Sea Turtle is a cool display piece. He’s like floating in this pose and most fo the Pop Vinyl figurines have very limited articulation. The only part that is articulated is Crush’s head that can swivel left to right.

Surfer Dude at Heart

True to form Funko made sure this Pop Vinyl figure will capture Crush’s personality as the figurine is half smiling at the same time appears like he’s enjoying his time swimming in the EAC. The level of detail of the Pop Vinyl are great but not perfect as other figure might have paint issues this one doesn’t.

Overall Crush is a simple but interesting display piece for anyone who has seen “Finding Nemo” and you don’t need to complete all of the characters in this line. If you could look at the other the others this one is unique not because he’s a Sea Turtle. Any fan who knew the character would pick this up among the others not because you don’t like the other ones but if you’re not into completing a set Crush is a favorite.

“Crush” the Sea Turtle is part of the Disney Pixar sub-line of characters from “Finding Nemo” number 75 produced by Funko under the “Pop Vinyl” was acquired in 2013 at Hot Topic in the US and you can get yours at certified Funko retailer in the Philippines for PhP 550.00 pesos.

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