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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Vinyl on Vinyl | HAHAN at WRKZ

06.12.2016 – Uji Handoko Eko Saputro (Hahan) first solo show and collaboration with Vinyl on Vinyl Art Gallery also produced his first ever Art Toy for the exhibit “Hahan at WRKZ” that’s on exhibit since opening four nights ago.

The art toy is something of the main part of the exhibit that will be running for the next three weeks at the same time it showcases some of Hahan’s finest artworks that also capture some attention to visitors. The colorful ensemble is what makes his solo show the event being on spotlight at the main gallery that you shouldn’t miss.

They call its “WRKZ” which is Vinyl on Vinyl’s first ever original art toy produced by Mindstyle that is only exclusive for this gallery. VOV opening in early 2010 cater not only to breathtaking artworks, but also never before seen sculptures of figurines. This is limited to 500 pieces not including the five multi-colored editions and the brass casted WRKZ that is on display at the center of the main gallery.

Artworks at the exhibit are also one of a kind fifteen black and white framed art with four colorful creations not including the one that would be the centrepiece of the show. The impressive works of Hahan certainly captures the attention rarely seen in other artists because of the familiar characters he comes up with his paintings.

Beside the art toys and paintings he also has patches being sold during the show. They are a few artists who produced these types of trinkets that followers of Hahan would certainly show proudly. It’s a rarely that you see patches that most artists produce are the stickers, which these ones are not.

This was surely one of Vinyl on Vinyl’s highlighted shows for 2016 making they first art toy debut with Hahan at the same time introducing him to the local scene. There will be more art toy launches for VOV, and if you’re into sculptures like this art toy certainly there will be many more where this came from. WRKZ embodies the personality and art style of Hahan it evokes what he does best and they are limited for 500 pieces for more just get in touch with Vinyl on Vinyl for pricing.

“Hahan at WRKZ” is currently exhibit beginning June 8, 2016 and will be at the gallery for the next three to four weeks. Drop by and see the WRKZ art toy to get the better view of this limited edition sculpture from the mind of Hahan. For more details about the art being exhibit visit Vinyl on Vinyl art gallery located at 2135 warehouse II 2nd floor, Chino Roces Avenue Pasong Tamo, Makati City.

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