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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Wakfu Premieres on Toonami with New Episodes!

06.09.2016 – Wakfu: The Animated Series is heading to Toonami Asia. The new series based on the videogame of same name is produced by Ankama Animation, originally a French animated television series which have 26 first season episodes.

Yugo the Eliatrope and his friends in Sadida Kingdom take you to new adventures, which for those who played the game would get the familiarity of the show. This will be a fresh perspective also to new viewers a jumping point to catch the new series.

Slowly getting over the disappearance of their friend Percedal, Yugo and his friends embark on an exciting journey as they solve the mystery of his people’s disappearance. By using the Eliacube, an Eliatrope magic artifact, Yugo finally discovers a sure way to reunite with his kind.

Their thrilling quest continues on weekends at 8:45am, only on the dedicated action destination, Toonami!

Toonami is available on SKYcable Channel 42, Destiny Cable (Digital) Channel 42, Cignal Channel 36 and Cable Link Channel 214.


Starts June 6, weekdays at 8 AM; encore 4:35 PM
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Starts June 6, weekdays at 5 PM; encore 8:45 PM
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Continues weekends at 8:20 AM
Two school friends obsessed with a fantasy card game inadvertently bring an anime character to life. They’re trying to keep their new guest's true identity a secret by passing him off as a Japanese exchange student until they can work out how to get him back to his own world. But as our leads discover, life is far more exciting this way!

Dragon Ball Z | Weekend Marathon
Weekends from 12 PM
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