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Friday, June 10, 2016

McDo PH | 'Toy Bazaar' at New Glorietta Store!

06.10.2016 – More reports regarding the ‘Toy Bazaar’ from McDonald’s has been sighted as previously mentioned that this was not just one store. It turns out a second McDonald’s restaurant within the Glorietta Mall also held their bazaar.

The ‘Toy Bazaar’ concept is a rare occurrence that only happens in the Philippines as there no reports in other countries that held this type of in-store event. This kind of promo is held due to unsold Happy Meal toys previously released.

The other reason why McDonald’s have these ‘Toy Bazaar’ is to give the previous toy collectors a chance to complete their previous Happy Meal toys that they missed during its original release.

In the Philippines McDonald’s promote ‘Happy Meal’, which compose of the meal and toy that came with it. Because in other countries there is an option, that allows you to purchase just the toy itself. In the Philippines you don’t, if McDonald’s allowed that people would certainly abuse it and there won’t be any reason why its called a ‘Happy Meal’ in the first place.

What’s a Toy Bazaar?

Its next best thing to clear out old stock of Happy Meal toys is through the ‘Toy Bazaar’, which is not common to most McDonald’s stores. This actually depends on which store held these mini events that have old Happy Meal toys that did not sold well during its release, which they sell it either 3 for PhP 100.00 pesos ($2.11 US) or individually sold for PhP 35.00 pesos a piece ($0.74 US).

Dig in for Hello Kitty and some Peanuts

This ‘Toy Bazaar’ at the new Glorietta Mall section has mostly ‘Hello Kitty’ set of toys that was paired with ‘Thomas & Friends’ released in October 2015. These are the ones that feature hidden accessories like comb, hair clips, and other things for girls. It’s different from the ones that were released in 2013. Besides ‘Hello Kitty’ they also some of the toys from the Snoopy & the Peanuts Movie set released in December 2015 that you may have the chance to complete them as they’re not as popular compared to the Minions that was literally sold out when it was released sometime in July 2015 that are still the hottest Happy Meal toys since the 101 Dalmatians.

But as previously advised you better hurry to check the bazaar as everyday folks are picking up what’s there and whatever they have that’s what they got. It’s highly preferred that you be the person to see what’s available before they sold out.

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