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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy Meal Spotlight | Yo-kai Projector

07.02.2016 – Yo-kai Watch is a special device used to identify creatures causing mischief, which it can also be used to summon them to do battle. This very much the premise that started as a game on a handheld consoled in Japan.

This actually popular now with the kids from the Manga series written by Yoichi Katō it had a cult following with the young generation. Its today’s Pokemon and an anime series has continue to expand with Yo-kai. Various merchandise where produced and McDonald’s in Japan caught up with the craze.

In its original release in Japan there where ten Yo-kai Watches produced and became a premium item whenever you order a Happy Meal. In those ten there where only eight that was released in the Philippines. The massive popularity of Yo-kai in Japan made the toy meal sold out, but in other countries like the Philippine this wasn’t the case in terms of mainstream popularity as the series is only shown on Cartoon Network and not everyone is subscribed to a cable service.


There are four types of Yo-kai Watches in the set of eight Happy Meal toys. The Whisper Projector is one of the two with a similar gimmick that uses the light projection. The other three types of gimmicks are the Flip Panel, Light Up, and Mirror Review. The watches doesn’t have a working clock, but it would be great to have one though the cost to make one would make it expensive besides it a toy meal premium.

Light Signal

Like a bat signal the projector only works in the dark and it made a lot of sense. This watch features the characters Jibanyan and Whisper, while the other one with the colored blue watch face have two other characters, Each pair have their own special features, but this projector is just simple to clip on to your back. But toy premiums

Non-Functional Watch

The overall appeal of Yo-kai is basically for the fans who have followed the anime series, but for the majority of a community who collect these toy premiums some would pass it up. For the casual selective collector one watch is good enough to get the familiarity of what Yo-kai is all about.

Not everyone is familiar with the anime series or the games and it’s a bit of difficult for some to get an idea what the toy is all about. The Flip Panel and the Mirror Review would be one of those that have better gimmick that plays up to what Yo-kai is known for, but entirely its not the best toy meal, but this projector certainly is a cool gimmick used in the dark lighted in a flat wall to get a better view of Jibanyan.

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