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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Movie Review | Ice Age: Collision Course

07.03.2016 – “Ice Age: Collision Course” is the fifth instalment in the film series following ‘Continental Drift’ from 2012. The usual theme the main characters encounter either new enemies or an impending extinction to a certain doom.

From the original characters Sid, Diego, and Manny with Scrat they meet friends along the way and just like real people they also have grown having families…

The most that have grown to have a family is Manny, while Diego found a companion in Shira and Sid having GrandMa around. Scrat as walys tries to keep his acorn beside him is the catalyst to ‘Collision Course’ that spawned the plot for the fifth film.

Some of the other characters from the previous films made their appearance on this one including Buck who first appeared in the ‘Dawn of the Dinosaurs.’ There are new additions to the cast, but with so many of these characters they don’t have enough screen time to give them a spotlight in the narrative.

But the story is that its all Scrat’s fault why there’s a meteor shower is head at Earth’s way when he ended up on an alien vessel that created all this mess. The whole idea that the meteor shower occurred because it’s a prehistoric squirrel screwed up because he can’t get enough of his acorn. Entirely it’s for kids but the very first Ice Age films not only was made for the young age group it caught some adult’s attention too. But over the course of the films its slowly started to become a routine regarding the way things go around with these characters.

For all we know they might be extinct by now since the ‘Ice Age’ has ended and the dinosaurs ruled. But here they are still struggling to fight their way out of extinction and trying to be relevant in all shape and form even though the title itself is irrelevant from how this started from way back. Probably the next one would actually end the prehistoric age and they’ll survive being frozen to make it to the modern times.

Then again that would be a whole new idea but it can happen as these characters are not planning to be dead if it’s the end of their world as they always know it. There must be an end to this as keeping the ‘Ice Age’ title continues to lose its luster. It’s a fun film no doubt with these characters but they’re running of excuses to keep thwarting extinction and prehistoric baddies.

Overall the voice cast continue to be great, but some of them are running out of moments to be in one picture at the same time. The plot continues to be predictive as they’re no longer in ‘Ice Age’ in this fifth film. It would be great if the sixth film wraps up everything up because they already milked this series for what is worth. Let’s hope they make the next one made a good reason why ‘Ice Age’ is still the main title on its masthead to be called relevant.

“Ice Age: Collision Course” opens on July 6, 2016 in Philippine cinemas nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.


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