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Sunday, August 28, 2016

APCC Manila 2016 | Interviews Hoult, Dempsie & More!

08.28.2016 – The second day for AsiaPop Comicon was the busiest Saturday as most of the visitors this is their first day. Even though the SMX Convention Centre was fully utilized for this event it is still well occupied by guests and attendees.

This was the biggest event to ever used the entire facility for APCC and if you thought some are already claiming that they’re the biggest event in the Philippines then you better check out the guests for Saturday having Millie Bobby Brown and Nicholas Hoult both are rising starts that already headliners for this years.

There’s no difference from last year’s APCC when it comes to Saturday the only thing you’ll ever noticed is that its now in a bigger event. The event has been happening even before they opened their doors to the public having announced the guests for this year was already building up for the excitement.

For everyone who has not been to Friday’s openers you haven’t missed anything, but the real deal was Saturday as viewed outside the lobby the huge crowd has already been up and ready to see the guests, the stars and the other things fans see in a convention that brings freshly vibrant perspective that is APCC.

Nicholas Hoult ‘feels’ Home

The actor who portrayed the young version of Beast in First Class, Future Days Past, and Apocalypse has been excited to be part of this year’s event. Have been toured around Metro Manila and revealed that he’s a big basketball fan knows that he walks among the fandom having the opportunity to portray these memorable characters.

His recent hall reprising Beast and last year’s blockbuster award winning “Mad Max Fury Road” as Nux, the War Boy gave him the opportunity to spread his wings as a talented actor who had a great week spending his first trip to the Philippines and be able to get to taste the food at the same time see the culture.

Heneral Luna at the PWR Ringside

John Arcilla, the actor who portrayed Heneral Luna was at APCC along with the other cast promoting the home video release of the movie that became the highest grossing historical film becoming a blockbuster hit among its foreign competitors. He was at the ringside of the PWR wrestling ring, where he has a Q & A and spoke to the fans about the film.

The multi-awarded actor certainly ‘owned’ the character as Anonio Luna, which he portrayed in the film talking about what’s next biopic that would follow the storyline for “Heneral Luna” and the fans are elated what that be next.

Whilce Portacio Workshop

If you where looking for Whilce he was actually having a workshop at the stage area on the third level of the SMX Convention Centre. He talks about his methods and style on how he approaches his works just like his seminar in 2013.

The California-based Filipino-American artist has been one of the guests in last year’s APCC and this is his second time to be part of this event. It also gives him the chance to visit his relatives and see friends in Manila whenever every chance he gets. He still holding to the plans opening up a studio, but no specific details for now you can visit Whilce at the guest area along with Ken Lashley, and other featured guests for this year’s APCC Manila.

Gendry has sailed to Manila

Actor Joe Dempsie who portrayed Gendry in the hit period drama series ‘Game of Thrones’ was at the press media Q & A interview talking about his friendship with Nicholas Hoult and his days on the set of ‘ Skins’ appreciate the warm welcome from Manila fans who he had a chance to meet.

His three-season stint on GoT was one of his memorable times as an actor. Though Gendry has sailed away he claims he would have ended in Manila, which was an exciting moment for him taking a break from acting and being part of this year’s APCC was his best moment right now while hanging out with Hoult also talking about his next future endeavors.

Creative Circle Artist Pick

There are several local talents in the Philippines and you may lose count on who’s who but this Wonder Woman sketch art certainly will get your attention done by Mai Bersonal, which definitely captures Gal Gadot’s likeness who is portraying the Amazon Princess in the upcoming live action film.

There have been more sights to see in the second day. Even Millie Bobbie Brown has wowed the crowd at the third level stage where he greeted fans in the packed auditorium that was hosted by former Morning Rush host Delamar Arias, the one half of the radio show with Chico Garcia.

Surely Saturday was not enough to contain the excitement and the places to see what’s happening at APCC, but you’ll definitely not going to miss Sunday where things will be more crowded so don’t miss out!

Asia Pop Comicon Manila is happening on August 26-28, 2016 at the SMX Convention Centre in Pasay City. For more about this event LIKE APCC Manila on Facebook, follow on Instagram, and on Twitter at: @AsiaPopComicon

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