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Saturday, August 27, 2016

APCC Manila 2016 | Places to See & More

08.27.2016 – The first day of Asia Pop Comicon Manila in the new venue at the SMX Convention Centre has already have crowds lining up early in the morning.

This is probably the first pop culture convention to have rented the entire SMX Convention Centre for the next three days.

From top to bottom all halls used by the organizers have been occupied and if you happen to missed the first day there are some interesting exhibitors to go to this Saturday that you surely not to miss.

Asia Pop Comicon Manila is the much awaited event of the year. This is unlike any pop culture convention they thrived to make sure the fan experience is there. They also promote the independent and local artists despite being a foreign organizer not based in Manila. So it’s a big deal that beside the highlighted guests they also give the spotlight to the local scene namely the komiks community.

For those who have missed the first days and looking forward for the rest of APCC Manila this weekend here are some places you should see…

Creative Circle (Formerly Artist Alley)

What is Asia Pop without a ‘Comicon?’ IT IS mainly a comic convention that’s surrounded by other popular culture. The Creative Circle is where you find local creative artists from the Philippine komiks community.

This also features foreign guests promoting their original works not only from komiks, but other interesting things that might catch your attention in the next two days and there might be some surprises too.


Collectible Toys, Gaming, and Many More

There are brands from Bandai, LEGO, Magic the Gathering, and other interesting things to see over the weekend that you might get hooked. Bandai let’s you build your first Gundam kit and you can take it home for free how’s that sound?

How about you challenge one of the people at the Magic the Gathering booth and take home a half deck sample from them. Yes, you can have the experience playing Magic and the next thing you’ll know you’re trying to build a deck. All you need is someone who is into it and you don’t need to be hardcore about it.

Then there’s the LEGO area where you can bring your kid and participate in their schedule of activities happening this weekend. They also have new sets at discounted price that you might want to pick it up just pass by and see it for your self.

Besides all the above mention there are places to see and people to meet. Though if you’re into something outrageously craze there’s that wrestling ring nearby just follow the loud noise and some serious grunting you’ll definitely see it. The place would be packed and you’ll be in the thick of it just watch out for those body slams.

A Taste of the Weekend

Truly the biggest convention that everyone is anticipating all year round is right smack at the rainy season, but its not going away just because of the weather there are so many things to see at APCC Manila that you should definitely not miss it. All you need is just drop by the SMX Convention Centre you’re not going to get lost, but will surely have a fan experience like no other.

Asia Pop Comicon Manila is happening on August 26-28, 2016 at the SMX Convention Centre in Pasay City. For more about this event LIKE APCC Manila on Facebook, follow on Instagram, and on Twitter at: @AsiaPopComicon

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