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Friday, August 26, 2016

Metals Die Cast | Civil War Iron Man (6" Inch Edition)

08.26.2016 – JADA Toys has been known for a company that produce high end Die Cast and Remote Control cars. It’s been their identity that separates them from other brands that produce similar products for the last seventeen years.

This year they entered into a new market where they introduced their Metals Die Cast series beginning with “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and followed it up with Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. Here’s a closer look at Iron Man one of the main characters from their 6” inch series that also includes Captain America.

The Metals Die Cast Iron Man is based from the “Captain America: Civil War” film, which was released sometime in May along with the other figures in the line. This is one of the two figures in the six inch scale series along with Captain America.

Iron Man MARK 46 made of Metals Die Cast

Based on the appearance in the live action film “Captain America: Civil War” the armor is created by Tony Stark and was seen in this movie. The design is inspired from the ‘Bleeding Edge Armor’ in the comic books.

This figure is made of 100% percent die cast material and has high quality paint. What makes its unique from the Captain America figure of the same scale is that it has a light-up gimmick. When you push a button in his abs section the arc reactor lights up, which is the plus side if you’re a fan of Iron Man

The Best Hero to Guard your Office Desk

The Metals Die Cast figure is not intended for heavy play and it’s suitable for older children at the age of 8 as indicated in the box. It’s mostly display purposes but there are two ways of having this a display together with your other collection or something to distress you while at work.

With its sculpting and full die cast metal with fixed action pose its more of a display piece on top of your office desk to keep you company as JADA Toys is aiming this toy line as more of something that can be for the casual fan who just like to collect random figures that doesn’t need to complete the entire line.

An Art Toy Made of Iron Man

For some who have been unfamiliar with the concept of ‘Art Toys’ from convention toys that have been played by younger kids, JADA Toys aims this line to be more for young adults to those who works in the office and casual fans who just are more interested in having that one favorite figure in the series.

Most ‘Art Toys’ or 'Deisginer Toys' have been known to be made out of resin and vinyl materials, where other popular mainstream brands like Funko has capitalize it with their Pop series. But JADA Toys aims higher from a quality standpoint regarding the difference of the Metals Die Cast figures. The quality and sculpting that they have put in to produce these figures are not using generic body like most ‘Art Toys.’

Marvelous Metallic Verdict

Iron Man is a popular character from Marvel that ignited the start of their Cinematic Universe and JADA Toys is capitalizing its popularity with this figure. You invest on high quality figure that may not be made of precious metals, but definitely define the term being ‘Iron Man’ in a literal sense when they came out with this figure.

With the design that when you hold it there’s a tactile feel to appreciate the way it was made. The additional gimmick that the arc reactor lights up makes this one of the most haves especially for Iron Man fans who can’t get enough of Tony Stark’s technology. Overall it’s a remarkable figure but not perfect just right to stand on your table ready to guard you at the office or as part of your display at home.

“Iron Man” is manufactured by JADA Toys and its one of the two figures released in the six inch scale line for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War series. This retails for PhP 1,399.75 pesos and for more about the toy line LIKE Metals Die Cast Philippines on Facebook!

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