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Friday, August 26, 2016

Arrow | Can’t Be Stopped Trailer

08.26.2016 – Oliver Queen has gone through a lot with the death of Laurel Lance and Star City recovering from the events from season 4 things are not the same. But now as acting mayor he has a lot on his hands besides just being a politician.

Team Arrow is somewhat no more as revealed during the panel at Comic-Con. Diggle went back being enlisted in the army and his sister shows disinterest holding the fort.

The Arrow cave in the opening sequence in this clip is in shamble and Oliver Queen thinks things will go back to the way it was. This followed by a scene featuring a tribute for Laurel Lance as the Black Canary, while getting attacked by an unknown enemy that kidnaps him.

There are several quick scenes showing a new character and the new recruits having a hard time being trained by Felicity?

Then cut back to the scene where he was kidnapped being beaten up and then the scene shifts to Thea Queen saying that “Ollie can take car of himself” when Felicity asked what will happen to Oliver in this teaser clip that was revealed below:

“Arrow” new season returns this October 5, 2016 on The CW and will be on-air in Asia very soon via Warner TV and ETC Chanell for the Philippines!

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