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Thursday, August 18, 2016

LEGO® Minifigure | Toy Story Alien

08.18.2016 – The LEGO® Minifigure Series is a popular line of blind pack among collectors, which features various iterations of minifigures. On its fifteenth series the regular minifigures continue its tradition expanding LEGO® characters.

This expands further with two Simpsons blind backs featuring selected characters from the animated series. It’s now released the first series collaboration with Disney from their various animated feature films. The sixteen figure collection features two characters from Toys Story that have Buzz Lightyear and the Alien!

There have been several variations of the Alien that was prominently part of the LEGO® sets for Toy Story, Toy Story 3 and was included as a minifigure for a watch themed at Toy Story. The aliens consist of three characters of the same appearance first appeared in the original Toy Story, where they considered a free toy in the Pizza Planet, a restaurant that was featured in the film.

Disney Alien

The latest iteration of Toy Story Alien has an all-new print compared to the previous releases. It still has the same alien sculpt, but the body has a new print with more detail on its pink belt and having painted toes with darker blue colors.

This is an improve version of the green skinned alien as details of the belt and collar is prominent up to the back of the minifigure. Its still short as the legs used is the ones to build LEGO® minifigure kids, young children or if you collect Lord of the Rings they have The Hobbit with the same height.

Army Building Aliens

In Toy Story, the little green skinned alien is not alone as they are three who where adopted by Mr. Potatohead at the end of the first Toy Story. So if you happen to open a blind pack and you got this little guy you should add two more.

This Alien would feel out of place being alone so most collectors would get a variation from the previous Toy Story sets or buy two more blind packs from the Disney series of LEGO® Minifigure to have all three of them.

Not you’re Average Alien

Though the Alien from Toy Story may appear as a common minifigure its still an important character to acquire beside Buzz Lightyear as they are a lot of them in the animated series “Buzz Lightyear: Star Command” being a worker or companion by the famous partner of Woody.

Overall the Alien is a fun minifigure, but it would be great if he comes with a random accessory as most figures from the LEGO® Minifigure series featuring Disney characters don’t carry anything. But its still one of the best mini figures to have for those who grew up watching all Toy Story 3D animated films.

“Toy Story Alien” is part of the LEGO® Minifigure featuring Disney characters, which retails at $3.99 US acquired at Walmart.

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