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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Action Comics #961 | Doomsday Protocol

08.16.2016 – The “Path of Doom” featuring Doomsday’s return when Superman, the one who died in the landmark 1992 series “Death of Superman” was about to settle in the new DC Universe after Rebirth is trying to balance life and being a true hero.

This is the fifth instalment of the story arc written by Dan Jurgens with three rotating artists and this is Stephen Segovia’s debut since DC Comics brought back the original numbering for Action Comics starting with issue number 957.

In this issue Dommsday continue his rampage all over Metropolis being protected by Lex Luthor proclaiming himself as this city’s ‘Superman” powered by the Mother Box alien technology, but was assisted by the Pre-Flashpoint Superman. Confused?

Just to make it short and brief for those who didn’t caught up with rebirth. The Superman from New 52 had died “in the last days of Superman” and this Clark Kent is from the world where ‘he died’ when DC Comics killed him through the appearance of Doomsday that was drawn by Dan Jurgens in 1992.

Now he returns to the world of what was ‘New 52’ with Lois Lane and their son Jonathan Samuel Kent, where they reappeared during the Convergence event then spin off to an eight issue mini-series titled “Superman: Lois & Clark.”

In this issue Action Comics, Doomsday left Metropolis after the rampage and destroyed some parts of the city. The creature left as he smells the Kryptonian blood of his son Jonathan as he went to the countryside of Hamilton. But before Doomsday can do the entire rampage in the countryside he was stopped by Superman and Wonder Woman. This is the first encounter of Wonder Woman with Pre-Flashpoint Lois Lane. The page is action packed from start to finish.

Thirty pages of Action Comics is not enough when Stephen Segovia does the finishes as he mentioned during his interview last weekend prior to the comicbook signing at a local shop, he manage to do work for twelve days as his most recent issue soon-to- released was a definitely a grind having a tight schedule with two other artists on rotation since its being published bi-monthly.

Superman is no match for Doomsday even though he has fought the creature before and has learned this experience. There is no stopping Doomsday but an intervention is slowly changing the narrative. In the ‘Path of Doom’, this story arc continues next month leaving a cliff hanger that someone who watches the Kents sent over an army to capture Doomsday.

Overall each issue of Action Comics stayed fresh due to rotating artists that includes Segovia, but it’s also a grind behind the scenes at the same time you get Action Comics twice a month seems to be right for Superman fans, but to casual readers a challenge to follow when it gets released.

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