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Monday, August 22, 2016

Toy Expo 2016 | Playmobil

08.22.2016 – Yesterday was the last day of Toy Kingdom’s ‘Toy Expo 2016’, which is their third major event since it was introduced in 2012 as this is held alternately every year. The last day was filled to the brim with parents and with kids in tow.

This is the event not only for the kids but also for those are kids at hear. Playmobil was also at the event with their new displays and range of themes that is also now available at Toy Kingdom, where they added the Knights and Pirates sets that is definitely the newest themes to het it now…

The three day Toy Expo was definitely a fun weekend for the whole family including toy collectors and enthusiast which is the right time for Playmobil to expand the theme of sets based from the Knights and Pirates series.

Besides the interactive diorama featuring the castle set from the Knights theme they also have the biggest set that was on display. The Pirates theme features the medium size ship and the lighthouse set. There where also more additions to the line including individual figure box sets and expanding your figures that have the Fire Fighters and SWAT set for the Playmobil City Action theme.

A closer look at the biggest castle set ever displayed for Toy Expo is behind the acrylic glass where you can see the Ogre takes on a couple of Knights while there’s some activity at the main entrance how cool is that?

There’s definitely more fun to enjoy the latest Playmobil sets, which are now available at Toy Kingdom. Don’t forget not to miss out the blind bag series 10 as the latest for 2016. So that’s some good news for those who collect these figures that you can interchange and mix up some parts to create your own Playmobil figure.

Definitely the best part of their activity is guessing how many Playmobil figures are inside the Pirate Captain located at their booth. Three winners where chosen the last day and they have this activity since the opening event last Friday. This will be one of the regular activities whenever Playmobil participate at upcoming conventions.

“Playmobil” is manufactured by Brandstätter Group now available now Toy Kingdom and locally distributed by Ban Kee Trading Corp. For more about Playmobil LIKE Playmo PH on Facebook!

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