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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ban Kee Trade Show 2016 | Playmobil

09.06.2016 – “Playmobil” continues to expand their product availability through Ban Kee Trading Inc, the current distributor from the German-based toy company. The recently concluded Ban Kee Trading Trade Show revealed what’s the latest that line for 2016 that are already available from the local stores.

This exhibition reveals some of the ranges of figures and sets that weren’t given spotlight when it was revealed at the Toy Expo 2016. But if you have an eagle eye to spot these sets surely you might be excited for more Playmobil.

The resurrection of Playmobil can be traced back early this year with the tail end of the 2015 releases. But worry no more as the new sets for 2016 are now available at well known toy stores in Metro Manila and will be also sold at departments stores in other areas in the Philippines.

Knights and Pirates

Most definite favorite among the range of themes is the Knights series that was represented in the recent Toy Expo as well having an exclusive diorama display at Toy Kingdom’s SM Aura Premiere. It’s mostly the ones collector have find interesting due to the removable armors and intricate details that captures this period piece. This gains interest also to the single figure box sets from the “Playmobil Special” line that has a Knight, Samurai Warrior, and Viking figures.

But there are also some interest with the Pirates range that was represented with updated sets and figures. The theme now includes female pirates that was less represented in the precious release and an interactive line that you need your phone to use for the game that is needed to be downloaded for the gimmick that is built for this set. Though the Pirates theme is not entirely expanded with the current sets available it’s the second interesting line following the Knights series.

City Action Series

For the modern theme like Police and Fire Rescue under the City Action Series there are also new box sets for that minimalist who would rather get the figures minus the structures or vehicles. There are also single box figures included in the “Playmobil Special” line of figures. But the most demanded product line for Playmobil is the “Playmobil Figures” now on its tenth series. You collect and mix them up to make your own character that most are still trying to figure out.

Playmobil Figures

The economical blind bagged figures is also the anticipated line just like its other competitor it has its own characters from different periods. Just like its boxed sets the figures are well detailed and unlike the above mentioned they come in separate pieces that you put together.

They’re not your standard Playmo People that comes out pre-assembled, the fun part of the blind bagged figures is you collect and you put them together and if you have more you can mix them up and create your own characters came from the same series.

Future Ranges and More

There will be new themes going to be released soon now that Playmobil acquired rights for the “Ghostbusters” franchise for 2017. It’s up for Ban Kee Trading to bring it to the country and hoping previous sets that includes vehicles would follow suit, for now it’s good that the Playmobil brand had finally returned to mainstream market.

The future looks bright for Playmobil as more events promoting the brand are underway. There where no details what type of promotion is in-store, but the interest slowly picking up as this is not to be compared by another well-known toy brand, because Playmobil stands on its own with original concepts that for those who have grown up with it the name speaks for its being more ‘play-ability’ building imaginations for the kids and kid-at-heart.

“Playmobil” is manufactured by Brandstätter Group now available now Toy Kingdom and locally distributed by Ban Kee Trading Corp. For more about Playmobil LIKE Playmo PH on Facebook!

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