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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ban Kee Trade Show 2016 | Tomica

09.07.2016 – Tomica is one of Takara Tomy’s brands that continue to be relevant in producing the best high quality die cast collectible in the market. They’ve been able to spinoff and produce license properties like Dream Tomica and Disney Motors. Now they are expanding to a different genre namely die cast action figures.

This was evident when the height of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” as a brand is being highly promoted. With that Tomica has acquired rights for the Star Wars property, but also have access to Marvel and other Disney licenses.

In the recently concluded Ban Kee Trading Trade Show, Tomica was one of the products they have on exhibit. Its one of the products Ban Kee exclusively distributed in the Philippines. For all the products Takara Tomy has manufactured under the Tomica brand Disney Motors and Dream Tomica is now widely known in the market.

Metal Figure Collection

But the stand out for the Tomica exhibit are not the recently released vehicles, but the die cast figures that has already been available at some of the local stores including Ban Kee’s outlet store in Toy Town. You’ll probably seen the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” die cast figures that have now expanded adding Spider-Man to the mix.

There is also the reveal for Toy Story die cast figures, and this is different from the recently released themed vehicles with micro figures that were available early this year. The new set features Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and one of the three Aliens that will be available for the market in two to three weeks from now.

Disney Motors

Following the new reveals that was presented at the trade show, but for those who haven’t known the Disney Motors range of die cast cars has produced a theme now has tie-up to recently released animated feature films like Zootopia.

Mostly this range of collectible vehicles is custom dressed based on the Disney characters, but with the ever changing interest they have re-focused in producing vehicles theme for one movie. You’d be surprise how intricately detailed are these vehicles from Zootopia. The other product line that was expanded under the Disney Motors is the popular Tsum Tsum that originally started as plush toys that you stack together, which is adapted in die cast car form by Tomica.

It’s no surprise how the Tsum Tsum phenomenon has reached its peak being adapted into die cast cars that have the same concept of stacking them into a pyramid. This introduced the recent Finding Dory sequel to Finding Nemo. There where more notable vehicle themed cars based on the recent Disney flicks, but these are the one that literally stood out in the exhibit.

Dream Tomica

For those who are into popular culture would not pass up having interest in collecting this line as they are a random surprise. But you’ll find this line still as relevant as Disney Motors with the recently released vehicles based from well know popular culture properties from animation, movies, and videogames.

Driving Ahead of the Pack

The Tomica brand will continue to expand now that the Star War franchise is in full swing. There’s more that Ban Kee has not confirmed to release locally like the Star Wars die cast figures that was only available in Japan. There’s more where those came from for now the latest ones are from the Avengers and Toy Story properties. For Dream Tomica there wasn’t new on display, but they have said there will be more properties that were not announced. For now Tomica in vehicle or figure form will be in the market just keep an eagle eye on the new releases they might appear in tow to three weeks from now.

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