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Friday, September 9, 2016

The Next Best Capsule Toys at Toy Kingdom!

09.09.2016 – Capsule toys are fun and addicting which depends on what type collectible you’ll be interested. If you’re a minimalist you’ll definitely like the little surprises that come out of the capsules much like mystery bagged toys.

Previously featured best Capsule toys where quite interesting and just like the last ones these might capture your attention. They all can be found at Toy Kingdom’s flagship store in SM Megamall and if you look further there’s more surprises waiting.

But here are five more interesting Capsule toys that might not appeal to some, but due to its uncanny appearance it will probably sold out. The interest of Capsule toy is not as much as a mainstream interest in other conventional toys. Just like the Art Toys for some ‘Urban’ Art Toys they are somewhat underrated but simply cool.

For every token its PhP 60.00 pesos and most of the Capsule machines needs two and rarely they ask for three. But it all depends on the popularity of the toys in those Capsule dispensers and they are certainly handful though to help with your choices here are some more interesting Capsule toys in the list.

Shakurel Planet

If you’ve heard or seen Jay Leno these collectible animals will certainly remind you of that former talk show host who reined on the Tonight Show long before Jimmy Fallon has take over. You may find these animals hilarious with oversize chins and it will definitely remind you of Mr. Leno.

Breakfast Keychains

The only interesting about these Capsule toys is BACON. The rest are secondary if you plan to collect them all. The Japanese knows unique when you talk about uncanny collectibles that define for some not ‘normal’, but you’ll certainly going to get that BACON for sure and it’s the only thing that’s interesting in this set.

Toy Story Green Army!

Remember those little guys who helped Woody and Buzz in their adventures? You’ll find these collectibles more interesting when the rest of the Toy Story cast enlist as part of the Green Army. Your childhood would remind you about those little figurines in the bucket that you play in the dirt and adding Woddy and Buzz with the rest of the Toy Story gang will add a diverse team read for another adventure.

Ghost Busting Ghostbusters

Four creatures that appeared in the 2016 incarnation of the controversial Ghostbusters film can be acquired through a Capsule machine, which includes the food munching delinquent in Slimmer. The `Busters had enough critics but the ghosts would have enough fans getting them since collectible merchandise has been rare lately.

Finding Dory

One of Disney Pixar’s successful franchises in ‘Finding Dory’ has certainly captured a new generation thanks in part to Ellen DeGeneres’ reprising the Dory role. The collectible Capsule toys would remind you of this movie whenever organizing your cable wires or having a pencil stand held by that octopus and you can collect all five.

Honorable Mentions

Dog lovers would like to collect all these adorable keychains that feature these canine cuddly depicted either hugging a pretzel or stuck in a cupcake. You’ll find them simply worth collecting a dog lover’s merchandise.

The other Capsule toys mentioned here is Ultra Man since celebrating fifty years why not have the inflatable Sentai hero some adoration. You collect five including Ultra Man and the Kaiju baddies he beat up in their TV appearances.

You can check out the rest of the Capsule dispensers at Toy Kingdom there might be some interesting find you’ll probably have nostalgia from your childhood or find some of them art toys that rare gets the attention do check them out whenever you can pass by the amazing toy store.

The Capsule Machines are distributed by Ban Kee Toys as they are the ones replenishing what’s available in those machines.

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