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Thursday, September 8, 2016

DCU Rebirth | Supergirl #1

09.08.2016 – “Supergirl” is a month away to its second season and DC Comics is making sure fans who watched the show will get more than seeing her fly off in the small screen. DC’s Rebirth is a great entry point in getting to know the character in comics which also slightly reboots some of them that mirrors the up and coming TV series. Though there are not much similarities, but if you’ve only seen the show fans that come to adore Melissa Benoist’s ‘Kara Danvers” is great in this one.

No need to back track what was Supergirl before rebirth all you need to know starts with issue one. But if you’re curious enough take time to back track a bit to finding out the questions that would form in to your mind about the character and its previous stories that was set before this very issue and how she’s completely different from her live action counterpart.

DC Universe Rebirth brings back both characters that made Blue Beetle relevant and explores the relationship between Kord and Reyes who both carried the same identity.

Steve Orlando crafts a simple narrative to be acclimated with Supergirl and what makes it stand out among the rebirth titles is Brian Ching’s artwork. Readers who have just picked up this issue certainly would get a first hand look on the characters and how they are interest the way the TV series introduced them.

Supergirl Rebirth opens up some flashbacks of her past as one of the very few survivors of Krypton. In this series it’s revealed that she’s from Argo City and this is Kara Zor-El as the adopted daughter of Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers, but there’s no ‘older’ sister in this series.

The Supergirl in this comicbook is literally a teenager who still finding her self in an alien world and just like in the TV series she works in the DEO (Department Extranormal Operations), but Hank Henshaw is not the boss but its Cameron Chase calling the shots. What makes it stand on its own is the struggle of Kara Danvers as a teenager trying to learn the culture of Earth at the same time trying to find the challenges of being a human.

Just like Callista Flockhart’s Cat Grant you get to see her comicbook counterpart with the same personality that was retconned to this series. Cat Grant was a different character pre-New 52 or event prior to Infinite Crisis. But seeing Flockhart’s portrayal of the character with personality is all making it to the comicbook is something to look forward to in the next issues.

Kara Danvers on television is an adult and in the comicbook she’s literally a teenager both facing challenges in life. In television the elder Danvers gets an advice from Grant will the teen version the comicbooks get the same mentor as well?

But before readers get their hopes up Kara is also going to face her big bad in the comicbooks in the form of Cyborg Superman or is that the ‘real’ Hank Henshaw that long readers have known? There would be questions and the second issue is a month away to find that out right?

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