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Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Corps Elite | The Cursed Puma

09.22.2018 – There are so many toy properties and merchandise out there right now that has flooded the market. The name of the game is superb sculpting and quality when you talk about action figures in general. But when you talk about quality the price is sure to go up and interest would weed out those who can spend for it.

But for those who just want to keep it simple there are other brands out there like Lanard Toys, a company has been around since the mid-1980s. They’ve came up with their own 3 ¾ or 1/18th scale solider themed action figures. They actually re-branded it recently with The Corps Elite that pits them with The Curse!

When producing a soldier themed figure range it has to have a good and bad guy conflict. Lanard has been at it but haven’t found the right mix of characters that they have. But with The Corps Elite pitted against The Curse there’s an interest in military themed figure range since the pioneer of this type of range has gone exclusive to collectors this is rather an alternative for those who can’t afford.

Though previously mentioned that the characters a bit cartoony that they fail to look seriously if they stood beside that American Hero. Don’t expect high expectations for this figure line but rather an alternative to saturate your appreciation for military themed range of action figures.

Faction Face-Off

The Elite Corps figures are sold in either single carded, faction face-off which is a two-pack or a rare three pack that includes an extra vehicle. Big W in Australia had special sale during the week and the Faction Face-Off was on clearance that feature two figures that would have been interesting, but turns out the only worth you buck in this line is Puma, a female baddie from The Curse faction. She comes with a crossbow and two knives that can be stored at the back of the figure.

Puma was released along with the newly reintroduced The Corps Elite range of military figures. She’s one of the two female figures with a new sculpting that became available in the US market in 2015 though this might have been available at the same time it was released in Australia through Big W with some of the vehicles being sold in Kmart Australia that rarely have sold single carded figures.

Female Diversity

Puma along with Snakebite are the first female figures ever produced by Lanard with the male heavy range of military figures its worth noting that this was a good time this toy brand had ladies running the line. Though both Puma and Snakebite share the same body sculpt the only difference is how Lanard has pushed to producing two new characters with its different head designs.

Articulation would still be based from their o-ring engineered figures of the past, but Lanard is pushing it forward to have a diverse toy line now with the addition of female characters. All they need to do is produce more body types to expand that diversity as two figures for now is worth the interest they should produce more.

Diesel Mini-Spotlight

Diesel was partnered to Puma for the Faction Face-Off two-pack that was one of the rarities of this reintroduced toy line. The figure has been reused before prior to being called The Corps Elite and the articulation stayed the same with basic five points of movement that still can’t be hidden with a new paint job.

Its unfortunate Lanard is just reusing the same old sculpt from the early 2000s as ‘newly improved’ but just refurbished character with a new paint job. This figure has a lot of potential in–packaging until you take it out and see how this was the weaker figure in the Faction Face-Off Two-Pack set.

Military Grade Re-Enlistment

Presentation of the colorful packaging down to the figures included The Corps Elite Faction Face-Off has a potential it just goes against the grain that Lanard continues to refurbish that they released previously. The good take in this set is Puma similar to Snakebite with a different head sculpt is the right direction Lanard Toys needed.

King Kong and Rampage are just one off movie licensed property that will not last long to keep Lanard Toys relevant. The Corps Elite should be the mother brand that they need to improve if they have to get a small share of the military action figure pie. They have been successful in the past with the o-ring figures they had they just need to pick the right characters to keep them popular so far the female characters are a step in the right direction they need to expand.

The Corps Elite Faction Face-Off was originally retailed at $5.00 AUD that was on clearance at Big W going for $3.00 AUD. These toys are produced and manufactured by Lanard Toys for more details of the other characters visit

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