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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Happy Meal 2020 | We Bare Bears

08.02.2020 – There have been great Happy Meal toys and recent releases wasn’t what collectors are hoping for. The best ones that usually released are exclusives to a specific country or region and those were from collaboration with Disney that also owns Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and it’s other properties.

The slowdown due to the worldwide pandemic has been a complicated challenge for companies like McDonald’s that release their Happy Meal toys. In Asia, there haven’t been toys from the fast-food giant that really was unforgettable like 101 Dalmatians or the United Nation’s Snoopy.

But when you talk about We Bare Bears latest toys were one of the rare collectibles that are worth getting a complete set. For those who don’t watch the animated series on Cartoon Network, the series will be wrapping up soon this was timely enough to go on top by partnering with McDonald’s to release an entire range of We Bare Bears figure and they’re not just some figurine it’s the closest to having these characters in action figure form with basic articulation.

For the Asian region, Hong Kong was the first country to bring these toys sometime in June 2020. The possibility of its release for other Asian countries appears to be impossible due to the nature of its exclusivity. But it turns out the surprise was on the morning of July 31st in the Philippines when they finally changed their Happy Meal toys (Trolls World Tour) from the previous month (June/July 2020).

Cast of Bears

The We Bare Bears consist of 8 figures based from the three main characters Grizz, Ice Bear, and Pan-Pan with each having its accessory that some of them can be used by the same figure from the series. Each character comes with an accessory that possibly appeared in an episode or used in one scene of the show. In case you haven’t seen the toys or heard about it here’s the roster below:

  • Grizz's Tent
  • Pan's Backpack Laptop
  • Ice Bear's Vacuum
  • Nom Nom and the Bear Stack
  • Grizz's Skateboard
  • Pan Pan's Scooter
  • Pan Pan's Watercraft
  • Ice Bear's Log Ride

Three Bear Preview

Interestingly enough that We Bare Bears will definitely get sold due to a huge following and the abundance of merchandise that has been produced in the previous years. This is not the first time the three bears were produced into a kid’s meal toy as other fast-food restaurants and even convenience stores have been produced into a wide range of merchandise in the past.

Here’s the preview of the three figures that are now available along with the other five toys for the We Bare Bears from McDonald’s Happy Meal. This has been probably the best promotional item coming from McDonald’s in a long time that doesn’t even have a built-in gimmick that limits the figure’s articulation and detail.

Grizz, Pan, and Ice Bear are in scale to each other too and if you’re into collecting figures this would be a rarity for a fast food restaurant to produce that most fans for the show are hoping for and it’s finally here.

The gimmick for each accessory that came with the figure is just simple and related to the animated series being aired on Cartoon Network. Overall this might be the only time you’ll ever get best looking toys coming from McDonald’s despite some of the figures uses a different type of plastic material.

These toys started being available at McDonald’s since 31 July 2020 and will be available for the next 28 days or until the end of September 2020, which you should not miss out and collect all eight toys that come with every Happy Meal toys!

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