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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Battle Corps: Night Creeper Leader!

08.18.2010 - If you are looking for nostalgia with regard to the vintage G.I. Joe action figures well your in luck. Nova Fontana one of the oldest specialty stores from the 80s have been disposing the old Battle Corps toy line recently. The news is they have closed up since July, but the figures started appearing in other stores like 2Rats and SM Toy Kingdom.

Its like the 90s all over again with these neon and brightly colored soldiers of fortune. Most recently they are priced from PhP 100.00 pesos ($2.00 US Dollars) to PhP 150.00 pesos ($3.00 US Dollars) which is a good steal if your up to it.
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Mostly acquired the Night Creeper Leader for PhP 100.00 pesos ($2.00 US Dollars) during the last time we checked the old Nova Fontana store before they closed up last summer. Recently these second wave of Battle Corps figures has been picked up with nostalgic interest.

The Night Creeper Leader is one of those rare figures that never had a chance to be modernized with the current G.I. Joe toy line. The figure was discontinued in 1994 upon its released the year before. But for modern sake neon orange colors would be easy to notice if your the leader of Cobra's elite ninjas. Though interesting enough the character would be good if it was released in dark colors but enough banter. If your into the detailed info watch this video...

The packaging was still retained from the original toy line with revisions to the colors and change of the logo, but ends with familiarity in its appearance. This would be easy to be recognized from the shelves as the figure is carded.

The colors as explained earlier was too far to my distaste with the bright orange color, and the weapons have the same colors when they could be better in black. But if you look at a 90s point of view the color was just fine.

The figure has a vintage o-ring construction with limited articulation just like the very first figur from the mid-80s. But back then nobody cared and it was the coolest toys in town. G.I. Joe had radical changes in the 90s with the spring loaded weapons added. But still its one of the toys you would not let go having one from the current releases.

As vintage as it will ever be the night Creeper Leader would still lead your funky Night Creepers to battle with your G.I Joe Ninja Team.

Armed with two swords, a large bow, a knife, and Road Pig's shield this Night Creeper is ready to bring the big beat down. This figure also includes a figure stand and the missile firing weapon that has an orange projectile.

Overall hyou could have Daredevil compete with his blindness to this character as the Night Creeper Leader is also blind.

This gets a 6 out of 10 Flag Points for the colors like he's just wearing only a pajama.

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