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Monday, August 30, 2010

Pursuit of Cobra: Spirit Iron-Knife!

08.30.2010 - The Pursuit of Cobra or known as POC for short is gaining a lot of fan interest after Hasbro released last year's movie related figures from the G.I. Joe toy line. Earlier this year the anticipation gave preview during the International Toy Fair in New York and most recently sneak peek at this year's San Diego Comic Convention...
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Currently the Philippine stores has not stocked up new figures as they are clearing out the old Rise of Cobra toy line and the only access to acquire these new releases are through specialty stores.

Most recently fellow G.I. Joe collector Gsk1lls has recently acquire the POC Spirit Iron-Knife, which was actually a Toys R' US Exclusive. We took an in-depth video review here...

Mostly what the POC toy line had to offer is the classic G.I. Joe characters have been taken into modern times with upgraded weapons and appearance. The 80s appearance of these classic characters are a thing of the past when it comes to modern warfare. In the case with Spirit Iron-Knife who resembles Billy from the original 1987 Predator movie. Though Hasbro did not intend to have Spirit get this look, the figure itself is quite an interesting character.

A Close up look of this figure will convince you to get this as part of your collection. With awesome applications and high quality details this figure is for keeps. The figure comes with his signature bow and quiver. This also includes an M-16 rifle with built-in shotgun, and not forget the little green snakes.

This also comes with the usual stand that was introduce in the 25th anniversary release of 2007. The Spirit Iron-Knife has a removable vest as well as the the only arrow from the quiver unfortunately.

The only arrow is a good prob for the unique bow design. However the other arrows attached to the quiver are just molded to the backpack.

The packaging is smaller compared to the 2007 released 25th Anniversary Edition. Though economically is good the details at the back are wasted with just a diorama photos of the jungle scene instead of the other upcoming figures should be featured. The figure's articulation and design was carry over from the 25th Anniversary Edition of 2007. If your familiar with the previous releases they have maintained that concept.

There was no catalog included in the card packaging upon opening this up. But going back to the product itself Hasbro has outdone themselves with his cool figure. Though the least of my favorites in the list this one would be good enough to pass up as John Rambo too. With that uncanny look who would mistake this figure to be customized as the gun toting former Vietnam war veteran.

Overall this figure get 7 out of 10 flag points for the modern upgrade to Spirit Iron-Knife and this really blend to the green grass with that new camouflage pattern.

Pursuit of Cobra Spirit Iron-Knife is sold at Babes in Greenhills for PhP 599.75 pesos(roughly $12.00 US Dollars)!

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