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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Meal US Spotlight: LEGO® Batman Toys!

11.06.2010 - Happy Meal in the US has more toys than the South East Asia has.

With all the cool releases the past five months in the US like the Megamind.

One wonders why the LEGO® Batman: The Videogame toys did not reach Asia or particularly here in the Philippines?
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We could not wonder and think that its probably licensing or marketing the videogame is only available in selected region.Special thanks to Mach Diesel of SMU Toys for the opportunity in getting these cool toys.

Based from the videogame McDonald's launched the release of eight of these toys via their Happy Meal. Out of the eight that came out I have acquired three of the toys namely Batman, Penguin's Submarine, and the most wanted Batmobile.

The Happy Meal Box

Decked in the Batman theme on quarter side of the box, while the other side depicts Wizard of Oz toys. We don't get Happy Meal boxes anymore since 2004 just to cut cost, and that's the sad part whenever a new Happy Meal toy coems out in the Philippines.


Based from the videogame itself a huge minifigure with a fixed pose. He comes with a huge Batarang which can be attached at the back of the cape. The figure has waist action move that enables to throw the Batarang, which is diffficult to hold. Articulation on the head and the left arm swivels, while the fixed right arm can rotate.

Down to details the Batman figure has a nice sculpt similar to the minifigure from the Batman toys that came out from 2008.

Penguin's Submarine

This is probably a scaled down submarine as its smaller than the Batmobile. It comes with two Penguin Missiles that can be launched by triggering the Penguin minifigure, which is permanently attached to the vehicle. It has free rolling wheels and can probably float, but then again for kids who loves playing in the bath tub why not.

Paint is a bit sloppy but who cares its a submarine, and you can never get wrong with a bad paint as anyone remembers the old Batman Returns 1992. The Penguin there was not entirely organized looking.

The Batmobile

In all of Batman's arsenal or vehicle he used the Batmobile is one awesome machine. Everyone would like to have his/her own Bat Machine, and that's where the Batmobile come into play. This has an nice detail with Batman in the driver seat armed with a missile firing gimmick by just pushing the tiny yellow elipse Bat logo.

The most favored among the Happy Meal toys, that came out from the LEGO® Batmam: The Videogame.

Overall the toys are great with each function unfortunately it never came out in Mcdonald's Happy Meal here in the Philippines.

Though I never get to see the entire set of toys, but from the looks of it the videogame looks interesting, which is on the Nintentdo Wii and Sony Playstation 3 game consoles. In its entirety the Happy Meal toys where quality-wise and playability is great with the kids... Now I was wondering about the next toys that was indicated under this box... Hmm...

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