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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Launching of Binil Custom Toy Exhbit!

11.06.2010 - From the unique to the out of this world vinyl or designer toys are quite an exotic work of art. If you don't get to understand its mind boggling artistry you'll get lost in translation.

Aside from its uncanny concepts its rarely taken seriously in the toy collecting mainstream.

This is not for the faint of hype and should not taken to that context.

Unlike anyone you should know just to get proper attention this is something admired by those, who can comprehend the sheer genius behind its creation.
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Last night was the launching of the Binil Custom Toy Exhibit by a group of local talented toy designers, who has been into this field of gratifying ensemble works.
This makes you appreciate and not differentiate the collaboration of such talented people, who knows how to express art to a whole new level of admiration. We only can name a few people we've have met along the way, who has made themselves household names in this culture of vinyl toys.

We have the privilage to do a coverage, which was held at the Vinyl on Vinyl shop the same we went during the opening last February co-owned by Gaby Dela Merced. The store is located at The Collective along Malugay street in Makati City.

These guys should be taken notice for their sheer talent in making such interesting stuff out of toys. Catch the awesome Binil Custom Toy Exhibit at Vinyl on Vinyl which will run for three weeks.

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