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Thursday, January 27, 2011

IDW's Major Zombie Infestation!

01.27.2011 - This is the year of the zombie themes. If the Walking Dead caught everyone's attention last year, maybe another zombie-related feature would be icing the cake.

Well as you all know Zombie sells these days. There's a Plants VS. Zombies game and you see it on television.

If your going for the long haul with comics related zombie themes your up for a treat.

IDW's Infestation is gonna run rampant through every franchise they have. From Star Trek, Ghostbusters, G.I. Joe and Transformers its gonna be survival.
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Mind boggling? Definitely. Because IDW is bringing this massive hysteria with their major comics crossover. The major story begins when -- CVO a team of government blood suckers unintentionally releases zombies that will be appearing in each of the four books.

Though you won't be seeing the characters like Venkman making fun of Mr. Spock's ears or Bumblebee gets blown up again by the G.I. Joe team. Beyond all the out worldly ideas the possibilities are pop culture phenomena mind-boggling.

Get yourself freaked out and drop by your local comic shop and get Infestation now.

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