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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spoiler Alert! The New Venom's Identity Revealed!

It's a few days to February already, and that means that the debut of the new Venom is at hand in the pages of "Amazing Spider-Man #654.1", part of Marvel's new initiative to introduce new jumping-in points and storylines for new and old readers alike! Called Marvel's "Next Big Thing", the identity of the new Venom has been shrouded in mystery, with fans guessing as to who would be the next guy filling in Eddie Brock and Mac Gargan's shoes to bond with the alien symbiote. That secret, however, has been "accidentally" revealed in an interview in Newsarama, and now that the cat has been let out of the bag, here's the new Lethal Protector's name... SPOILER MODE ON of course.


The new Venom is none other than Eugene "Flash" Thompson, one of the well known supporting characters in Spider-Man's circle. Once a bully to a younger Peter Parker during their High School years, Flash was the one who gave Peter the nickname "Puny Parker". It is an irony, however, that he idolizes Peter's heroic alter ego, the Amazing Spider-Man. Through the years, Peter and Flash eventually become friends, and even becomes Parker's best man when he gets married to Mary Jane Watson. As someone who enlisted in the military,  Flash served as a decorated officer in his younger years. He rejoins the army once more to fight in the Iraq War, which costs him both of his legs. Nevertheless, Flash did not regret his actions, since he did it out of patriotism, and that Spider-Man was his inspiration, since he wanted to imitate his hero's selfless acts of helping others and making a difference.

Well, now that we know who it is, just how will the new Venom compare to his predecessors? With the new Black Ops design set to be a staple look for the character, can Flash Thompson prove he is more than a Lethal Protector? Find out when his own miniseries debuts on March this year! For more info, visit Comic Book Resources and Newsarama!

*Originally posted by Timzster in The Crusader's Realm

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