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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Five Things About Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance!

02.14.2012 – Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance will be coming out in cinemas in a few days. For the comic book junkie anyone knows the flaming skull in a bike. The first film in 2007 had mixed reviews and not as what we expected.

Surprisingly there’s a sequel taking the “Spirits of Vengeance” title from the original comic book from the mid-1990s. The upcoming flick possibly is a semi-reboot and it still stars Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze cursed to become Ghost Rider. Under the Marvel Knights production which is being distributed by Warner Bros. the mother studio and owner of DC Comics.

So what brought us to talk about Ghost Rider? Anyone wouldn’t know how he came to be and you might pick a few interesting trivia about this comic book character. This goes about saying keeping you updated also in the comic book universe.

Nicolas Cage is not related to Luke Cage

Nicolas Kim Coppola with the screen name “Nicolas Cage” is a comic book fan. The actor was inspired by Marvel’s superhero Luke Cage previously known as Power Man to use the name, and to avoid nepotism being the nephew of famed director Francis Ford Coppola.

Not The First Ghost Rider

Johnny Blaze is not the original Ghost Rider as far back in 1967 there was a comic book known as “Ghost Rider” which was another character using the name Phantom Rider. The series is set in the western era where the Phantom Rider colored in white without a flaming skull rides a horse which has no relation to the Ghost Rider that became popular in the early 1970s. Carter Slade made his appearance played by Sam Elliot as the Caretaker in the first movie.

Alejandra is the new Ghost Rider

The third and current Ghost Rider right now is woman known only as Alejandra. Based in the recent issues of the latest Ghost Rider Series, Johnny Blaze is no longer possessed by the demon but as the mentor for Alejandra. A Nicaraguan woman who became Ghost Rider through a ritual performed by Adam a mysterious character also in the comics’ series during the Fear Itself storyline that ran in the entire Marvel Comics universe.

This current form of Ghost Rider doesn’t carry the mystical chain but a deadly scythe but still has her own hellfire powered motorcycle. Blaze of course still carry his hellfire shotgun as his weapon that re-introduced him in the old comic “Spirit of Vengeance” where they took the title for the movie.

Two Brothers One Ghost Rider

For anyone unfamiliar with the mythos of Ghost Rider there were two human hosts to possess the power of hellfire. In the original 1972 series it was Johnny Blaze to burst in the scene who would become the character but not exactly the one appearing in the films.

In 1990 Marvel re-introduces us to Ghost Rider but this time Daniel Ketch is the human host and far from the demon Zarathos which possessed Johnny Blaze. In appearance Ketch’s Ghost Rider is the most familiar version we see in the live-action films as the appearance of the original is far from this one.

This also introduces his signature mystic chain as the melee weapon. Though the bike used on the film is different from the one that first appeared in the volume 2 of the first issue of the comic book series. There was one revelation is that Johnny Blaze and Daniel Ketch are related as half brothers having possessed by two different demons.

Not Your Typical Valentines Movie

If you’re looking for something less mushy but not too terrifying Ghost Rider might be the movie. Though critics have mixed reactions and being poorly received might as well give it a second thought at seeing it again. For any comic book fan that has followed the character for years surely they won’t miss this just because of reviews.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance opens across the country on February 17, 2012 in 3D from the Marvel Knights banner to be distributed by Warner Bros. Picture Philippines!

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