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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweetheart Spud, The Love Bug This Valentines Day!

02.14.2012 – Giving the very best for Valentine’s Day why not make someone laugh for once even for those single individuals taking their rant on Facebook and Twitter. This might not come unique to anyone outside the Philippine but for those who just want to have a good humor why not share them with a little of fun with the Sweetheart Spud!

Yes! This special occasion you’ve got to give love for those who needs one. In fact This Potato Head is ready to shoot some arrows to cheer someone up. There’s no better medicine for the gloomy soul to have some good hearty laugh especially the single ones right now.

The Mr. Potato Head seasonal spud will surely make the girls gushing with laughter, and the little ones will definitely melt their hearts.

Sweetheart Spud a love bug not only for the couple celebrating Valentine’s Day but also to those individuals who just need a little shot at some smile to make the day right. This Spud contains ten interesting Valentine’s themed parts to mix and match with other Potato Heads released under the Playskool toy line by Hasbro.

Released originally in 2009 the lovable spud will make your day right with the hearts of Valentine’s Day. Sweetheart Spud is locally distributed by Playkit Toys in the Philippines and is retailed at PhP 400.00 pesos roughly $8.00 US Dollars.

Check your local stores for currently availability you may not know one Sweetheart Spud is hiding somewhere waiting to be discovered to save your Valentine’s Day.

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