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Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Komikon 2012 Event Highlights & Full Coverage!

05.28.2012 – Summer Komikon 2012 unveiled its bag of goodies promoting the Filipino Komiks Culture by acknowledging home grown innovation with the launch of Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles at the same time welcoming international artist Mark Millar to his first convention.

There where so much to appreciate about the fourth Summer Komikon and it was definitely one big pot of gold at the end of rainbow. There’s not enough talent rarely seen in the comics industry and only a few revelries that would dare make the trip to see it.

The event opened its doors at 10AM but even before they started welcoming the fans there was a very long line that stretches outside the Bayanihan Center at the Unilab Complex. Every year Komikon Inc. organizes two conventions and we are only seeing the first half of its greatness in promoting the local scene.

Last Saturday has proven to be a double header when Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles revealed its surprises and Dingdong Dantes one of the main protagonists in the soon to be shown film based in the comic book they have launched that day graced the stage for the first time in Komikon history. Then it was the much awaited invasion of Mark Millar to take the stage backed by the ensemble cast who brought you Supercrooks #1 that has Gerry Alanguilan, Leinil Yu, and from Indonesia’s Sunny Gho top billing in front of the huge crowd that has conquered the convention floor.

After the hoopla of main spectacles we could not forget those who definitely made Summer Komikon the best ever and to think there’s another one coming up before we close the year 2012.

Kwentillion Revelation

After a few hours of lively entertainment that would remind you of a convention in North America we settle to bring you an original Filipino concept which we hope can educate the new generation of comic book fans.

Enter: Kwentillion Magazine and up on stage was Budjette Tan is a tireless jolly good fellow who also had a hand at editing the Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles comic book that was sold that day. Budjette preferably known for his Trese Komiks was there to introduce Kwentillion Magazine the bi-monthly issue is published by Summit Media Publications. It’s a magazine full of Filipino Pop Culture Heritage.

It contains not only the original creation by TJ Dimacali and John Raymond Bumanlag’s Sky Gypsies it also have a guide to the young adult literature. It has analysis and controversial debates and subgenres. You got experts, YA fans, bloggers dedicated to give you in-depth issues as it happen.

The magazine will be available at your local bookstores nationwide for PhP 150.00 pesos (roughly $3.45 US Dollars).

The Manix Machine

Manix Abrera is one humble individual ever to grace Summer Komikon since he was up on stage with his Dad Jess Abrera in 2010. He has been signing Kiko Machine Komix to a long line of fans that has been stretching the limits that only Neil Gaiman’s signing can be talked about when he first came to the Philippines in 2005.

Kiko Machine Komix #8 was released that day and the line grew longer stretching out to the main entrance of the Bayanihan Center which was almost confused as the line to pay for your entrance. Basically Manix reminds us how Jim Lee was cool and calculated signing and doing sketches at the recently concluded Big Wow Comic Fest in San Jose California, USA last week.

Kiko Machine Komix #8 is sold at your leading bookstores retailed for PhP 130.00 pesos (Roughly $2.95 US Dollars).

Gerry and Johnny Saves The Kids of Mindanao!

Gerry Alanguilan and Johnny Danganan representing the Komikero Artist Group was on stage to promote their auction in helping the kids of Mindanao which raised PhP 20,000.00 pesos.

They held the silent auction after they presented some original comic art pieces from Tony DeZuniga (represented by Mrs. Tina DeZuniga), Pol Medina, and other notable Filipino illustrators who contributed their efforts to help these kids.

Tony DeZuniga Tribute Montage

The great illustrator Tony DeZuniga passed away last May 11, 2012 but his legacy lives on and Komikon Inc. pays tribute to the man who co-created DC Comics’ Western Hero Jonah Hex. They showed some of his interviews in the projector wall and his works.

There are still some of his art prints signed by the late DeZuniga. His estate handled by her widowed wife Mrs.Tina DeZuniga mentioned that there will be an upcoming exhibit dedicated to Tony and his works this June so stay tuned for announcements.

The Scenes from Summer Komikon

There where other special talks scheduled Q & A with Freely Abrigo, Elmer Damaso, and Heubert Khan Michael at the combined Conference Hall B, C, and D. There was a rare moment when they held a Hotdog Eating Contest in the main stage.

The organizers of Komikon Inc. were interviewed individually by the media about the success of the annual convention as well as their own komiks that they also launched that day. Lyndon Gregorio had release his latest 11th Beerkada Book “Abakada” while John Zamar gives us “Dakila and Bathala."

In non-Komiks news Bini Boshi hats is not just giving you the Japanese cuteness there’s more to just wearing it. Kit Perez is the man for your inquiries and suggestions on what do you want in a Bini Boshi.

Electromagentic Tentacle was ever present fresh from their success in launching a Philippine exclusive Free Comic Book Day shirt they are at it again with three new design shirts for your geek culture needs and you must wear one now. We’re sure you can’t get enough of Summer Komikon that there was still in the list we have not featured.

Hopefully we might give a special spotlight on some notables like Dennis Crisostomo’s launching of his Studio Kaiba featuring his plushy toys and Republika comic book with Paul Alexei Basinillo at his booth.

FlipReads had a launch too promoting digital reading and its benefits for those who has been bitten by the owning a tablet or smart phone devices.

If you planning to get into the digital age of using your tablet as your tool for reading then Flip Reads might be the affordable suggestion in purchasing your e-comic books.

Overall fun last Saturday was certainly unforgettable and Summer Komikon will grow bigger thanks to you the fans and passionate Komik readers who appreciate true Filipino Pop Culture until the next one this October catch you all in the funny books!

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