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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mark Millar Invades Summer Komikon 2012!

05.27.2012 – Summer Komikon 2012 had a few surprises up its sleeve and one of them was Mark Millar. The Scotsman from Ireland has landed at the Bayanihan Center where the annual Komiks Convention was held.

The Scotsman from Ireland landed at the Bayanihan Center where the annual Komiks Convention was held. It was the first time a well known foreign comic artist visited the Filipino Pop Culture rich in folklores not known to other countries. Millar impressively read a script in “tagalog” in front of the audience.

It was quite a surprise to everyone who was not aware. All the bright lights flickered in simultaneous hymn at the Scotsman when he arrived at the convention along with his entourage of artists who collaborated with him in making Super Crooks #1.

Filipino artists Gerry Alanguilan and Leinil Yu together with Indonesia’s Sunny Gho were also present in the event joining Millar at the stage. Millar was quite an entertainer and the crowd was truly delighted.

Millar talked about his first trip to the Philippines describing this country as “very hot” compared to his country wherein summer can only be experience for a matter of twenty four hours. He definitely loves beer and is happy when he drinks one.

National Bookstore absolutely set a home run beating other retailers as it brought the famous Scotsman in the Philippines and making Super Crooks #1 available at any of their branches across the country.

The afternoon was certainly a treat for the fans and regular convention goers at this year’s Summer Komikon. Hopefully, we would like to see our legendary home grown talents based in the US like Alex Nino, Rudy Nebres, and Danny Bulandi become a part of this annual event. They really deserve a hero’s welcome and a tribute for they pave the way for our current talents to make it into the international scene.

The men and women of Komikon Inc had a blast rubbing elbows with Mark Millar. For now if you can’t get enough of Mark Millar catch him today at the Glorietta 5 Activity Center to witness the “Milla in Manila” by National Bookstore.


  1. Guys, some constructive criticism. I hope you check your grammar first before posting something like this online. It was just too difficult to read with grammatical errors in practically every sentence. Just my two cents worth.

  2. We appreciate you taking time in checking for the errors. We'll try our best to get things done correctly. Thank You.