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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ultra-Poseable Spider-Man (Movie Series)

Presenting the brand new Ultra-Poseable Spider-Man from the upcoming movie re-boot of the Spider-Man franchise. This particular action-figure from the Movie-toy-line boasts a whopping 20 points of articulation - making it the most flexible and poseable Marvel Universe sized action figure.

It also features Spider-Man's new costume as he will appear in the movie reboot (The Amazing Spider-Man) staring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

What do I think of the costume? Well there's the Filipino joke that basically says that Spider-Man is a "REAL MAN" because he can make a sticky-white fluid appear from his hands. This costume seems to reinforce that idea because it includes an arrow pointing straight to his gonads. I swear if the movie bombs there is going to be a lot of jokes about this costume.

Ultra-Poseable Spider-Man's blister card does not say much other than that "An endless arsenal of acrobatic movers makes Spider-Man truly Amazing" and the 20 points of articulation boast.

A quick look at the figure in the package seems to hint that Spider-Man does not have a neck and that he cannot twist his torso - which seems to be the common trend in Hasbro's movie-action figures as we've seen with Captain America and Loki from the Avengers' Movie Toy Series.

Happily, he does have a neck. It just seems short because his head has a ball-joint type of articulation, but the neck is indeed there. Unfortunately, yes, Ultra-Poseable Spider-Man cannot twist his middle torso. His primary "twist" ability is in his upper torso.

Also, the blister pack reveals the traditional Spider-Man "gang-sign" that he uses to launch his webs for his left-hand. The action action-figure does not have any such hand. Both of the Ultra-Poseable Spider-Man's hands are in a semi-open/close position.

What's to like about The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Series Ultra-Poseable Spider-Man?

He really IS Amazingly poseable! Ultra-Poseable Spider-Man has the following additions to your standard Marvel Universe Action figure:

  • Double joints for the elbows;
  • Ball joint for the head
  • Ball joing for the feet allowing them to swivel and turn
  • New wrist joints akin to the new wrist joints of most of the 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe figures allowing for up and down movement. 
If he did not have a grainy texture thanks to his costume, Ultra-Poseable Spider-Man would make an excellent blank-template for custom Marvel Universe builders. He still is if you don't mind a few additional hours more of sanding and/or filling. It would be a shame though. His costume detailing is incredible and his paint job is brilliantly bright.

It's normally a pain to shoot someone like Spider-Man because he's an acrobatic fighter and he sticks to walls so this shoot had to get a little bit... creative - but fun:

Happily Ultra-Poseable Spider-Man doesn't have to be serious all the time:

What's NOT to like about The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Series Ultra-Poseable Spider-Man?

Other than the arrow that guides his opponents to his weakest point, I'm not particularly happy about Ultra-Poseable Spider-Man's shoes. It looks like a NIKE commercial about to happen. the Amazing Spider-Man wears rubber shoes? Really? I knew he was poor but that's pushing it a little.

Also, most people who end up with this figure would love to have it pose it - it is after all the Ultra Poseable Spider-Man. So the absence of peg-holes (And a stand) to help Spider-Man get into really nice poses is a real drag.

Hopefully no one will accuse me of going to China and stealing this from Hasbro again because it's only available on Amazon only as a pre-order item (Release date June 8, 2012) for US$ 16.95 (Roughly PhP 728 plus shipping). I purchased the Ultra-Poseable Spider-Man from Toys R'Us Philippines in Robinsons Galleria for PhP 499.95 (Roughly US$ 11.62).

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