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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Robotars 2 Custom Toy Show This July 2012!

06.19.2012 – Catch JoMike Tejido in his Live Art collaboration with Anjo Bolarda and Quiccs Maiquez in the sequel last year’s Custom Toy Show for Robotars! This time it’s a three way live art featuring the original Filipino creation by JoMike Tejido known for his innovative creation on Foldabots!

Robotars are resin made figure which started as a paper craft toy in 2008. During its toy launch he collaborated with 10 visual artists who customized their own Robotars who shown their various styles in the field of illustration design and painting.

This time around JoMike is back to give us his creation something fresh and vibrant to the Robotars figure with two other talented artists and if you want to witness its awesome creation check the details on this poster…

Robotars 2 Custom Toy Show happens on July 21, 2012 at Vinyl on Vinyl and for details LIKE the Official Robotars Facebook Page!

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