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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pop Culture Personalities at STGCC 2012!

06.19.2012 – The Biggest Pop Culture event in Asia which is the Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention won’t be well known by its moniker for making their guest known and acknowledged. It’s one of the main highlights for the upcoming event for this year.

The Cosplay or known as Costume Play has been a major draw in conventions around the world and people dressing up or masquerading into their favorite characters from known pop culture media of TV series, animation, comics and movies.

It has been a staple in these events that has become sort of an art form to passionate individuals who made their name for themselves well known in this genre.

For this year’s STGCC there will be four well known Pop Culture Personalities as special guests. Japanese Pop culture Fans have more reason to be part of this event. For the first time three pop culture personalities will have their first appearance in Singapore.

They are cosplayers Touya Hibiki, Kousaka Yun, with DJs Monomind, and the young DJ Zanio who will be gracing the two day event spectacle. There will be guests announced as the event is nearing its date.

There will be also an electrifying DJ Battle as DJ Zanio from ZANEEDS battles MONOMIND’s DJ haLRu at this year’s STGCC. This will turn out to be an ultimate Touhou vs Vocaloid showdown that fans will not want to miss.

Definitely worth saving up and booking your flights to the biggest pop culture in Asia in STGCC!

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