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Monday, July 2, 2012

Event: ICCON -- Iloilo Comics Convention!

07.02.2012 – The Philippines has its popular culture in comics mostly is centered in the capital city of Luzon which is Metro Manila.

Cebu will be having its third comic-convention this year and now Iloilo City is not far behind to have widespread interest in having their event.

ILOILO COMIC CON also known as ILOILO COMICS CONVENTION or ICCON (pronounced as “icon”) is a non-stock, non-profit event/organization that aims to showcase the works and talents of Filipino artists and spanning the best of pop culture in the country and the world.

There’s a varying degree what is an actual comics convention and just another event but our fellow Ilonggos and Cebuanos are making it happen in highlighting the artistry promoting comics as well as in other varying forms of media like and TV, movies, and merchandising that includes toys and collectibles which is great.

This is what Komikon has started almost seven years ago and everyone is teaming up to promote what is our Filipino Pop Culture.

We can’t wait for this to happens and definitely we’ll keep you all updated in their announcements.

For now LIKE their Official Facebook Page for details on the very first ICCON event and visit their website at:

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