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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Meal 2012: Ice Age Continental Drift!

07.05.2012 – Ice Age: Continental Drift the fourth installment of the animated feature is getting the promotions in breakfast cereals and of course the much awaited Happy Meal toy for July 2012.

There where still a lot of people trying to complete the Madagascar 3 from last month which immediately changed into what we see now.

Usually when McDonald’s in the Philippines updates their latest Happy Meal the same goes to their website. Right now the Madagascar promo is still up and they have not changed what’s new for the kids.

Just like two years ago the comparison regarding the promo for Megamind in the Philippines and North America happens again in the latest Happy Meal that’s out now.

Yes. The Ice Age toys for McDonald’s in the Philippines and other parts of Asia is completely different from what’s about to come out in North America. Unlike the Megamind where one character is not available for this country while in North America they have it. The version of Ice Age coming out in the US would appeal to little girls.

The one in the Philippines will definitely appeal to everyone. It’s not a trade off but the set that is about to be released in North America is entirely different. How is this happening again?

We’ve got no answers really it just happens that not all McDonald’s in the entire world is in-sync with what they plan to release. Just like the Batman Brave and Bold toys that were released late last year. Only the second set of the eight toys came out in the Philippines where the first four was released in McDonald’s Malaysia in July 2010.

We never got the first four Batman Brave and The Bold toys locally which is quite odd. Though for the Ice Age toys this is quite a surprising turn that for once McDonald’s in Asia or in selected regions has better Happy Meals.

Get updates at McDonald’s in the Philippines by visiting: or just LIKE their Official Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter: @McDo_PH

Ice Age: Continental Drift opens in the Philippines on July 12, 2012 in 3D and 2D from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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